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Accessory Equipments

N95 folding face masks making machine fully automatic particular respirator manufacturing production line


Now Price:$165000.00


The fully automatic N95 mask production line is suitable for the production of N95 type masks. The cloth is automatically generated by automatic conveying, mask body production, pattern printing, ear band welding, cutting and slicing, and automatic cutting.

Technical parameters of model YX-FM40 face mask folding type maker machine:

FACE mask folding type machine.jpg
① Dimension:     9.8 M× 1.6 M× 2 M (L*W*H)
② Weight:     2500Kg estimated
③ Voltage:    AC220V    50Hz
④ Power:    12KW
⑤ Working height:    800mm±20 mm
⑥ Speed of production:    30-40 pcs/min
⑦ Mask type:    N95 folding type

Characteristics of equipment

N95 masks line.jpg

machine details without vent inserting.jpg


machine production details N95 face masks.jpg

n95 machine details.jpg
1. The whole machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, fine appearance, durable qualify. Modular design in each part of equipment , flexible combination, convenient and fast installation will minimize the possible machine problems.
2、 PLC programming control, servo drive, sensor detection(optical fiber).
3. Multiple positions are equipped with detecting sensor, which is stable and reliable to avoid mistakes and reduce waste.
4. Some series of machine can be customized to meet the personalized design:
Pattern of the welding point in mask body;
Mask trademark and brand LOGO, and the welding strength can be adjusted
5. The stacking of raw materials to finished products is fully automatic.  Multiple equipments and raw material replenishment can be in charge by only one worker.
Machine Structure.

face mask line automatic.jpg
This equipment is mainly composed of five parts:

Non-woven conveyor,
Mask boby making machine,
printing machine,
ear band welding machine,
cutting and slicing machine.

Raw materials:

metled fabric (3).jpg

hot air cotton (3).jpg

nose clips ears bands.jpg

One ton Meltblown fabric makes 400,000face masks;
one ton earbands make 1,800,000;
one ton nose clips make 2,000,000;
one ton spunbond fabric nonwoven blue color can make about 1million;
one ton white spunbond fabric can make 1million masks
One Ton hot air cotton can make 1million masks

Raw materials cost for reference:

1st layer.Non woven fabric  US$23,500/Ton
2nd layer the layer Hot Air Cotton fabric: US$19,050/Ton
3rd Melt Blown fabric BFE99 50GSM US$91,500/Ton
4the layer Non Woven fabric:US$23,500/Ton
Nose clips US$6,050/Ton
Ear bands US$23,200/TON

Maintenance on folding type face mask machine
Clean the machine at the last shift every day; clean and maintain the machine weekly, and add oil lubrication to the guide rails. Note: The ultrasonic welding mechanism is a precision component, and non-professionals must not disassemble it at will;
Note: The blade of the knurled cutting mechanism is sharp. Do not touch it with your hands.
All cleaning, maintenance and inspection work must be powered off. Repair work is handled by qualified personnel.

KN95 in china.jpg

machine manufacturing plant N95.jpg


Not only machines we produce but as well we make the disposable and N95 medical use face masks as well. We have a lot

masks in stock. Please contact us for price and lead time.

N95 face mask for hospital use (2).jpg

N95 face mask for hospital use (3).jpg

N95 face mask for hospital use (5).jpg


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