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Bottles unscrambler equipment automatic for round &flat bottles with/out orientation system filling bottling line


Now Price:$18517.00


Bottle unscrambler is based on the introduction of foreign advanced technology, according to the needs of the development of Chinese beverage filling equipment to high-speed direction, the development, development of a leading domestic level of bottle unscrambler equipment. It has the advantages of high efficiency of bottle unscrambler and small damage to the bottle. Bottle unscrambler equipment is mainly used for PET bottles for water filling machines, fruit juices, carbonated beverage filling machines, etc. Product quality and price concessions.

The complete guide on how to choose the bottles unscrambler suitable for your application:

Have you ever wondered how industry production can deal with bottles thoroughly organized in a row? A bottle unscrambler machine is a perfect answer that helps every industry that deals with bottles for the filling process. This machine is capable of sorting disoriented bottles and making them ready for either filling or the washing machine. With advanced bio-engineering technology, you can swiftly do this job in a continuous fashion to boost your business productivity. If you’re planning to purchase this amazing machine, then we would suggest to please look into this guideline to know important points about the bottle unscrambler machine.

Overview on the articles

1.What Is A Bottle Unscrambler Machine?
2.What Are The Industrial Uses Of Bottle Unscrambler Machine?

3.What Are The Benefits Of A Bottle Unscrambler Machine?

4.How Bottle Unscrambler Machine Works?
5.What Are The Major Parts Of The Bottle Unscrambler Machine?
6.How To Classify Bottle Unscrambler Machine?
7.What Types Of Bottles Can The Bottle Unscrambler Machine Handle?
8.What Is A Complete Production Line Of Bottle Unscrambler Machine?
9.What Are The Technical Problems And Solutions Of The Bottle Unscrambler Machine?
10.How To Compare Different Types Of Bottle Unscrambler Machine?
11.Why Maintaining a Bottle Unscrambler Machine Is Necessary?
12.What Are The Major Consideration Factors When Purchasing A Bottle Unscrambler Machine?

Bottle unccrambler, also called as bottle sorting machine, or bottle sorter, or bottle orienter, is an automatic packing machine that receives empty bottles in large quantity, then guides and positions them onto the air conveyor for filling machine or other packing machines.
drawing of bottles unscrambler.jpg

how to place the  unscrambler in the line.png

illustration on how to place the bottles unscrambler.jpg
Bottle unscrambler can feed bottles to bottling lines in a controlled and repeatable style. It not only can reduce labor intensity and increase working efficiency greatly, but also can improve hygiene conditions of bottling plant. Bottles are placed in the unscrambler’s hopper and elevated to a rotary sorter firstly, and then bottles progress to the orienter where they are turned up righted, finally the bottles are conveyed to the filling machine by the air conveyor. Bottles are treated in a gentle manner and our bottle unscrambling machine is controlled electronically, this guarantees perfect synchronization with the filling line as well as allows modification of the machine parameters.
The features of bottle unscrambler equipment:
1,The different bottle sizes can be changed according to customer’s requirements.
2,Put-up unscrambling structure innovative design decreases bottle abrasion furthest.
3,Bottle discharge is controlled by synchronized belt and star wheel to guarantee the stable bottle outlet without bottle falling and bottle squeezing.

Basic parameters of bottles unscrambling machine:

Bottle unscramble--- YX-LPJ12
Working station    12
Capacity    6000BPH
Max capacity    8000BPH
Air pressure    0.7MPa
Air consumption    1.5M3/min
Adaptation bottle size    Diameter 50-90, height 165-290
Main motor power    1.5KW
Lifting motor power    0.75KW
Dimension    Φ1660×2060(Diameter×height)
Weight    2000KG
Bottle unscramble--- YX-LPJ14
Working station    14
Capacity    8000BPH
Max capacity    10000BPH
Air pressure    0.7MPa
Air consumption    1.5M3/min
Adaptation bottle size    Diameter 50-90, height 165-310
Main motor power    1.5KW
Lifting motor power    0.75KW
Dimension    Φ2000×2340(Diameter×height)
Weight    2600KG
Bottle unscramble--- YX-LPJ16
Working station    16
Capacity    10000BPH
Max capacity    12000BPH
Air pressure    0.7MPa
Air consumption    1.5M3/min
Adaptation bottle size    Diameter 50-90, height 165-290
Main motor power    1.5KW
Lifting motor power    0.75KW
Dimension    Φ2200×2340(Diameter×height)
Weight    3200KG

machine in factory.jpg
Parts    Model    Power    No.    Brand
Main Motor    YS7134    550W    3    Dacheng
Fan    DF-6    550/750W    2    Guantao
Motor    LCED18    40W    2    Zhongyi
Speed Adaptor    5GU10KB    40W    1    Zhongyi
Vibrator Motor    MIE    30W    1    Guanlin
Convertor    VF200    750W    3    Panosonic
Sensor    481/441    Low Voltage    3    Panosonic
PLC    Panosonic    Low Voltage    1    Panosonic
Touch Screen    Weilun    Low Voltage    1    Weilun
Air Break    Schneider    10-32A    6    Schneider
AC conductor    Schneider    Low Voltage    2    Schneider
Low Power    Schneider    Low Voltage    1    Schneider

bottles unscrambler machine in stock.jpg

The complete guide on how to choose the bottles unscrambler suitable for your application:

1.What Is A Bottle Unscrambler Machine?

what is the bottle unscrambler.jpg
Bottle Unscrambler Machine

A bottle unscrambler machine is an important piece of equipment for larger production facilities that helps in sorting and arranging disorganized bottles into uniformly organized orientations and ensuring orderly alignment for the next integrated machine. A robust and durable machine that gives a reliable result in simple and easy steps. Simply, the machine’s functions are systemically performed by mechanical components (conveyor, rotary plate) as well as advanced sensory units such as PLC.

This machine is essential for various industries as it exactly senses the bottle and corrects them in the right direction. Whatever, the size, shape, or orientation of the object; it has the ability to detect them and increase capacity to maximize the production output and lowers the manual labor cost.

2.What Are The Industrial Uses Of Bottle Unscrambler Machine?

bottles kinds for unscrambler.jpg
A bottle unscrambler machine is a significant piece of equipment that is specifically designed for handling bottles in bulk quantities. That’s why, it compasses a broad range of industrial applications. Some of them are discussed as:

Beverage Industry
Beverage bottle.png

A bottle unscrambler is a useful and ‘must-have’ machine in the production line of the packaging department. This machine can handle bottles of various shapes, sizes, and dimensions, for filling soda, drinks, mineral water, fruit juices, shakes, etc.,

Pharmaceutical Industry

A bottle unscrambler machine is an integral part of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry for arranging and positioning bottles before they’re subjected to washing or filling machines for a uniform supply of disorder bottles. This machine is required for production sectors involved in pills, tablets, capsules, syrups, or powders packaging.

Cosmetic Industry
Products like beauty lotions, moisturizing creams, lip balms, lipsticks, sunblocks, concealers, mascara, and other cosmetics formulations always require a bottle unscrambler machine before the filling machine for receiving bottles in a sorted manner.

Food Industry
food industry bottles.png

You have seen many food products like kinds of ketchup, salad dressing, sweets toping, various oils, sauces, spices, and other products packed in bottles. This is quite understandable bottle unscrambler machine has unlimited benefits for boosting business in the food industry for fast productivity and handling large capacities in no time.

Chemical Industry
chemical industry package.png

Whether small or large bottles, the chemical industry deals with all of them for the packaging of alkalis, acids, organic and inorganic solvents, salts, and much more. A bottle unscrambler machine can sort bottles carefully and precisely no matter what material they’re made up of e.g. glass or plastic.

Nutraceutical Industry
Nutraceutical Industry bottle.png

This industry deals with the manufacturing of health related products such as vitamins, protein, probiotics, energy drinks, etc., Therefore, a bottle unscrambler machine is a mandatory component of their production line for handline bottles in bulk and giving excellent output.

Household Product Industry
household bottles.png

This particular category of industry is involved with the manufacturing of detergents, floor cleaners, toilet cleaners, room sprays, etc., A bottle unscrambler machine is of great value in this industrial section for a swift work process.

Automobile Industry

automobile bottle.png

Products like engine oil, brake oil, grease, distill water for car engines, etc., are mostly available in bottles. The automobile industry cannot ignore this machine for its fast and efficient working in the production line of manufacturing products.

3.What Are The Benefits Of A Bottle Unscrambler Machine?

A bottle unscrambler machine is a simple and cost-effective way of obtaining unlimited benefits for industries. Some of the very important benefits are discussed below:

Dealing with Large Volumes of Disoriented Bottles
bottles unscrambler no need orientation.png

A bottles unscrambler machine is a super efficient equipment that begins your production with high speed per minute and gives a perfect result every second with no chances of errors or receiving any damaged bottle. This ultimately improves the entire productivity with reduces human error or time waste.
bottles unscrambler.png
This simple machine is well-equipped with the advanced technology of intelligent sensory detectors that can immediately identify faulty bottles and prevent mingling or reject them to interfere with the production line; you can get more smoother processing with reduced downtime.

No More Worries About Labour Cost And Production Expenses

bottles surface no damage.png

A bottle unscrambler machine has solved the problem of manual handling that’s not only time consuming but also causing more expensive in the term of labor costs. So, you can engage your skilled staff and other tasks and save production expenses.

High Compliance And Integration With Other Equipment

bottles unscrambler integrated with bottling line.png

A bottle unscrambler machine is highly compliant with other equipment of the facility. This machine is suitable either standalone or can be integrated flexibly with a production line such as a filling machine, capping, etc., to increase the working speed of your production.

No Chance of Bottle Damage
no damage to the bottles.png

As the machine can sense the bottle and sort them gently hence there is no chance of bottle damage, scratches, or breakage either lightweight or delicate items.

Touch Screen PLC Control System

Unscrambler with touch screen.png
A bottle unscrambler machine is featured with a touchscreen plz system that ensures easy operability by the user with just a single click. You can input the data prior to beginning with the process, the rest of the job will be automatically done by this robust equipment.

4.How Bottle Unscrambler Machine Works?

A bottle unscrambler machine follows quite simple working principle. The step by step description is given below.


The machine receives random position bottles. A dumped set of bottles are loaded into the hopper of the bottle unscrambler machine. Hopper itself is capable of accommodating thousands of bottles.


The bottles are elevated randomly with an inclined conveyor fixed to pre-feeder bowl which is continuously rotating around fix axis. This rotation helps in sorting of bottles that drops into narrow canal one by one.

By the action of vibratory or air jet blowers as well as rotation of pre-feeder rotary bowl, each bottle gets properly sorted to funnel or pockets to an up-right position. Machine is equipped with corrector that allows bottles in an upright position on running trail.

The final sorted bottles are discharged out of the machine by the help of conveyor belt. They mostly transferred with or without pucks for stable and firm movement. Moreover, anti-back up conveyor sensor ensure smooth transport of bottles without worrying for jamming.

5.What Are The Major Parts Of The Bottle Unscrambler Machine?
Major Parts Of The Bottle Unscrambler Machine


illustration of bottles unscrambler.png

PLC Touch Screen

This is the brain of bottle unscrambler machine that allows you to touch the screen to feed the working data such as speed, time, RPM, etc., Plus, this technology allows you when there’s anything alarming by notifying message or beep sound. In some cases, it immediately stops the machine and stores the data.

Anti Backup Conveyor

This is a transporting device that not only integrates the machine with next equipment but also supports the smooth movement of sorted bottles against jamming or overlap over one another due to anti-backup feature.

Frame and Structure Supporter

A bottle unscrambler machine is supported by a strong frame system which is made up of stainless steel. This network can hold the entire system with optimum distance from the floor of facility. The aim of machine frame to protect unwanted vibrations or shaky movement that can affect the process and accuracy.

Bottle Elevator

A bottle elevator is helps in elevations of random bottles gradually from hopper towards the rotational disc. This is part of the machine is particularly useful as it falls the bottles that organizes themselves with the helps of vibratory surface and force of unionize air effectively. This section is composed of slated plates that can easily hold bottles.


This is an integral part of bottle unscrambler machine that detects the presence of bottles and identifies the orientation and position. This device notifies the system and making them real-time to adjust in order to maintain the accuracy as well as proper alignment of sorted bottles.

Bottle Pockets

The bouncing bottles are randomly fixes themselves into cavities which is known as bottle pockets or funnel. This section ensures that each bottle is hold into individual pocket so as they can move toward discharging unit such as conveyor. In some devices, this unit is features with narrow passage so bottles can fixes themselves effortlessly and moves out of the system.

Vibratory Disc

This is also known as vibratory feeder, circular turntable or bowl. This is a major part of the machine which vibrates and rotate to make disoriented bottles aligned and fed them into pockets for further transportation. The vibratory disc shaking is gentle that allow bottles to line up in a regular pattern and in a continuous flow.

Electric Cabinet

The machine functionality is basically controlled by electricals connection which is in-housed in a electric cabinet. The electrical components such as modulators, drivers, sensors, are important elements which are enclosed in this cabinet.


A hopper or bottles loader is the somewhat a first section where random or disorganized bottles are fed in a bulk quantity. Hopper is a hollow tank that stores and facilitates a continuous supply of bottles to an elevator for sorting procedure.

Levelling Screws and Moveable Tyres

Machine itself is levelled from the floor in order to protect the system shaking and stabilize its structure. The leveling screw enable attaining an even position for the device whereas moveable tyres help in movement of machine from one place to other or to relocate the position.

6.How To Classify Bottle Unscrambler Machine?
Classify Bottle Unscrambler Machine

how to classify bottle unscrambler.png
A bottle unscrambler machine can be classified into various categories. For example:


Conventional Bottle Unscrambler Machine
Conventional Bottle Unscrambler Machine.png
This is a simple and compact machine that uses mechanical properties to sort and organize bottles. Such as vibration, rotation, and air blowers to fix disorganized bottles.

Vision Based Bottle Unscrambler Machine
vision type bottles unscrambler.png

This is a new and sophisticated unscrambler device that works with help of computer-based technology involved photo-sensory detection to position random and disoriented bottles into a consistent form for production line. This machine is very modern in the term of working, design, and production capacity. This is all because of sensory cameras equipped within the system that process the image to identify the position of object.

Gravity Based Bottle Unscrambler Machine
gravity type bottle unscrambler.png
A specialized device utilized in production facilities for arranging bottles via help of force of gravity. This is the prime reason behind its cost-effectiveness for any consumer who purchase this machine because it consumes lesser energy as bottles naturally fells downward due to force of gravity and align and organize in respective pockets for further production steps.


Waterfall Lifting Bottle Unscrambler Machine
gravity type bottle unscrambler.png
The machine is designed with an upright lifting system which looks like waterfall. This lifter helps in gently raising of bottle from down to high with adjustable chute which helps upward movement.

Linear Bottle Unscrambler Machine
linear type bottles unscrambler.png

A linear bottle unscrambler machine basically works in a continuous, straight, and a linear fashion. This machine treats unsorted bottles to arrange in a single row.

Centrifugal Bottle Unscrambler Machine
Centrifugal Bottle Unscrambler Machine.png

A centrifugal bottle unscrambler machine is a type of bottle unscrambler that is designed with a circular rotary disc which works on centrifugal force to arrange and align bottles.


Horizontal Bottle Unscrambler Machine

horizontal bottle sorter unscrambler.png

This machine beneficial and used in industries where production line where bottle arrangement take place in horizontal fashion. This machine is compact in structure but as compared to vertical it covers more space.

Vertical Bottle Unscrambler Machine

vertical type bottles sorter unscrambler.png

A vertical bottle unscrambler machine is a specialized structure where bottle alignment takes place in a vertical fashion. This is mostly suitable for those production lines where bottles are required to be presented in stand up or vertically. This machine is most often used in those industries where space area is narrowed or limited because the equipment is designed with a smaller footprint.


Semi-Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Machine
bottles feeder turntable.png
On the basis of automation, a semi-automatic bottle unscrambler machine has a manual feeding system of bottle placement and the rest of the process is done automatically. The bottles move directly within the system through a conveying system and have a better efficiency rate.

Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Machine
automatic bottles unscrambler.png
As the name describes, a completely automatic process is carried on in an automatic bottle unscrambler machine. Any type of bottle can be moved in an automatic bottle unscrambler machine and also the sorting process is done automatically.


Aseptic Bottle Unscrambler Machine

An aseptic bottle unscrambler machine is suitable for industries that deal with sensitive products, such as, biological units for medicines, blood samples, protein estimation samples, nasal sprays, ear solutions, injections, etc., The machine itself is an enclosed system that is designed following cGMP practices and following quality standards for strictly obeying all requirements of healthcare production. The machine can offer dust protection and it does not follow compressed air working, thus a centrifugal force or rotation is used for unscrambling bottles with the greatest care.

General Bottle Unscrambler Machine

For solid dosage formulation or general usage of bottle packaging, a high speed automatic unscrambler machine is used for producing high production output. This is an open system that does not strictly follow an aseptic environment. This machine is used for production lines of tablets, capsules, household, nutraceutical, and food industries.

7.What Types Of Bottles Can The Bottle Unscrambler Machine Handle?

There are many types of bottles, jars, and containers that can be handled using a bottle unscrambler machine. Some of them are:
bottles material types.jpg
PET    PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is a light weighted plastic material that has a transparent layer and also can be recycled easily. PET bottles can easily be used in bottle unscrambler that further packs beverages and liquids.
Glass is a delicate material that is prone to break if handled improperly. A bottle unscrambler machine can gently deals with random glass bottles and sort them perfectly for the next machine. This material is commonly used in nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and the chemical industry in order to prevent product against physical factors like moisture, heat.
Aluminum    Aluminum bottles are also used in a bottle unscrambler machine due to their environmentally friendly nature and resistance to moisture. Aluminum bottles of different sizes move efficiently within a bottle unscrambler machine.
PP    PP or Polypropylene is also another type of plastic material that has high adhesive properties. PP bottles show high resistance against heat and are more precise than a PET material bottle. PP bottles that pass through a bottle unscrambler machine are mostly used for packing of hot and high temperature material.
Polyvinyl chloride bottles are the most commonly used plastic material around the globe. A PVC material has resistance against chemicals and is relatively light in weight as compared to others. PVC bottles of any size but low temperature resistant can pass within a bottle unscrambler machine easily.

High Density Polyethylene and Low Density Polyethylene bottles are used in places where bottles can be recycled and used in rough conditions. Both of the bottles are rigid in nature and used for packing of material liquid type material.



8.What Is A Complete Production Line Of Bottle Unscrambler Machine?

Production Line Of Bottle Unscrambler Machine

production line from bottles unscrambler to packaging.jpg
A bottle unscrambler machine offer excellent advantage of integrating with other machines of production process easily. This property has ranked bottle unscrambler as an essential equipment for every packaging industry. Following below is the relevant machines of production line.

► Bottle Unscrambler Machine    Before entering any process, bottle must be fully oriented in an upright position with bottle unscrambler machine.
► Counting Machine    A counting machine is integrated with unscrambler machine which senses and counts the product and fills into each bottle up to fed data.
► Desiccant Inserter    Desiccant inserters are also an important machine as it ensures each bottle has placement of desiccator in order to protect development of moisture.
► Capping Machine    A capping machine is also incorporated in the production line of a bottle unscrambler machine where specific caps are placed on the top of different types of bottles.
► Sealing Machine    A sealing machine is used to make caps firmly tight and product as tamper evident. An electromagnetic induction of heat waves generates to seal the bottle tightly and ensure the product is freshen, leak-proof, and compliant.
► Labelling Machine    A labelling machine is important piece of equipment used in production line for printing and sealing labels on the exterior of the bottles with mandatory information related to product, brand, production batch number, production date, and expiry date of the product, etc.,


9.What Are The Technical Problems And Solutions Of The Bottle Unscrambler Machine?

Some of the technical problems that occur in a bottle unscrambler machine with their solutions are:

trouble shooting of machines unscrambler.jpg
No    Problem    Description    Solution    Image
1    Breaking Of Bottles

Once the system gets stopped at final attend and the sensors does not close the previous step. The bottles will overlap each other and can cause the breaking of bottles.    The problem can be rectified by the installation of highly precise and new detecting sensors so that the system may not get affected by it.
Secondly, adjust the unscrambler disc.

Breaking Of Bottles
2    Incomplete Unscrambling    When the initial moving mechanism gets overlapped and slow in rate, the system pushes bottles and causes incomplete unscrambler.

a. Align the gears and check the standards of shaft.

Incomplete Unscrambling
3    Jamming of Bottles

Bottles get jammed into conveyor and affect the transport.
Install anti-back up conveyor or reset the setting of the machine.
Jamming of Bottles
4    Bottles Passes in disoriented Manner
Sometimes inverted or disoriented bottles are accepted by the sensors.    Check speed of blowers, settings of vibratory disc, or re-install sensors.
Bottles Passes in disoriented Manner
5    Creation Of Noise/ Vibratory Sounds    In some of the bottle unscrambler machines, noise or vibration can be observed due to the improper tightening of equipment’s and parts.    a. Checking of machine parts as per plan and the timely greasing can cause a reduction in noise and vibration.    Creation Of Noise
5    Unscrambler Disc doesn’t Move    This problem can be occurred to due failure in transmission or malfunctioning of friction plate.    Replace the friction plate and adjust the transmission gears.    Unscrambler Disc


10.How To Compare Different Types Of Bottle Unscrambler Machine?

PENGLAI Packing unscrambler machine.jpg
Types Of Bottle Unscrambler Machine
The bottle unscrambler machine is a versatile invention in bio-sciences engineering that keeps on flourishing and bringing more and more advancement by the progression of new types. See the comparison chart below to know more about basic differences.

Property    Conventional    Rotary    Vibratory    Vision Based    Gravity

Operation    Works using rotation and sensors    Uses rotary disc to fix bottles in the pockets    Utilizes vibrations and gravity force to separate and bottle orientation    Use computer vision technology to sense the correct bottle.    Uses a gravity based mechanism.
Throughput    moderate    High-speed output, this is suitable for large industries    Lower production output as compared to rotary, and vision.    High speed working output    Moderate production rate.
Maintenance    Very simple    simple    Simple    Tricky and computer-based.    Relatively easier.
Structure    Moderate and compact required medium space    Moderate space    Moderate space    Require more space    Moderate space for installation
Bottle orientation    Accurate    Accurate    Accurate    Accurate and consistent    Accurate
Cost    Economical    Cost-friendly    Cost- friendly    Expensive as it is designed with high technology features    Cost-friendly


11.Why Maintaining a Bottle Unscrambler Machine Is Necessary?
PENGLAI Packing unscrambler machine.jpg
To extend the machine's life and save production and maintenance cost; you must take care of the bottle unscrambler machine. This can allow you to meet the production throughput and low downtime. Some of the maintenance tips are discussed below:



Monitormachine workability routinely; monitor loose connections, reset the operating parameters, and store the data if needed.

Replace worn-out or damaged components once it indicates it malfunctioning by producing abnormal sounds or alarming notifications.

Timely lubricationis required to apply to avoid the progression of friction or jamming of movable parts. This activity can ensure faster and smoother operation.

Cleaningof the machine must be done properly by using air rinser, compressed air, and dried cloth to wipe off dust and dirt. This eventually minimizes the chances of cross-contamination and securing overall system.

12.What Are The Major Consideration Factors When Purchasing A Bottle Unscrambler Machine?

When investing on a bottle unscrambler machine it is significant to know the major objectives of your production so you can be possible enough to get the right one. Please find major points to keep in mind prior purchase.

Production Capacity

Dealing with low to moderate production line possibly leads you to select whether conventional, gravity, or rotary machine. If you’re requiring a machine for a high production line, then computer based (vision) or automatic system will be worth buying; you must know the exact production capacity.

Major Features

Will the machine offer a fast changeover, what shapes of bottles can the machine run efficiently? What is bowl diameter? You must be well aware of these questions and features of the machine to get right equipment up to the mark.

Your Production Space



Buying a bigger machine without measuring or estimating your production area would be the biggest mistake. Before selecting a machine, you know the area specification of the equipment as well as the installation flooring of your production facility. This decision must be made prior to selecting any device.

Good Manufacturing Companies & Reliable Supplier
high speed bottles unscrambler.png
Keep scrutinizing good and reliable manufacturing and supplying companies is the foremost decision that won't compromise your selection. A good supplier can be found via an internet search, watching good reviews, and contacting them directly to assess their consultation and pre-customer services.

A bottle unscrambler machine is a valuable asset of successful production manufacturing sectors to obtain fast, accurate, and an upright-positioned objects for filling and packaging procedures. This machine gives ultimate productivity and excellent outcomes in a competitive sector. The story is not ended here, day by day advancements bring more and more improvisation in its structure and features that will definitely give you more throughput in the future. Are you still in doubt? Please contact our Team- We will gladly send you further information.


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