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Accessory Equipments

Fully automatic brush making machine toothbrushes tufting trimming production equipment


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High Speed Intelligent CNC Tufting Machine

A brush machine has several different functions. It can remove dust and impurities and create an even surface finish. It can also remove small burrs. In the past, heavy-duty wire brushes were used in gear deburring. However, new developments in deburring technology have made it possible to use nylon abrasive filament brushes. These brushes effectively remove sizable burrs and refine the surface finish of materials. They are also commonly used in computer numerical controlled machines and are much quieter than traditional rotary tools. A brush machine is a vital tool in any cleaning operation. A good machine will be durable, as it will outlast other models.

Brushing machines are important for cleaning sensitive produce, including fruit and vegetables. They remove dust and other impurities and are often installed before grading machines. When selecting a brushing machine, it is essential to consider the type of material you are scrubbing. For example, if your product is sensitive, you should choose a brushing machine that is soft and safe for it. It will be more effective and more efficient to use the same type of scrubbing material.
The Automatic Brush Making Machine is an example of an automatic machine that makes high-quality brushes. It is an advancement over previous machines in terms of speed and quality. This makes it an ideal machine for the manufacturing of a variety of types of brushes. Here are some advantages of the Automatic Brush Making Device: First, it offers an automated production process, and second, it is an inexpensive option. An Automatic Brush Making System produces quality brushes at a high rate.
Several different types of brush machinery exist. These include bottle brushes, cylinders, and disks. Typically, these tools are used to fabricate tufted constructions, which have fused or perfused ends. These tufted brushes are made by using a variety of different materials, including synthetic fiber.

tufting principles.png

The newest brushmaking machinery differs from the traditional stapling machines in several ways. The main difference is the method by which the fiber tufts are picked. In a conventional brushmaking machine, a picker enters the stock box at mid-section and picks the tuft. It does this by pressing a button on the machine's control panel. Once the fiber tufts are picked, they are then stapled to the stock box.
A brush-making machine can help create an even surface finish and remove dust and impurities from the workpiece. A brushing machine has traditionally used heavy-duty wire brushes to produce a uniform surface finish. However, recent developments in deburring technology have made nylon abrasive filament brushes an excellent option for deburring gears. The new technology allows them to effectively remove large burrs and refine the material's surface finish, without the need for secondary deburring.
A brush machine is usually modular in design. It can have up to four cylinders. These cylinders are used to sweep the inner surface of a wire mesh basket. Each cylinder is arranged in a parallel arrangement to provide more flexibility. This type of machine is also available with up to four different axes. In addition to this, it can be customized to meet a variety of needs. These types of machines are a good choice for a variety of industries.

brush tufting machine

Production Specifications of toothbrush making machine --6colors:

Model YX-AH9P-C2

Servo motor    Japan's Fuji    Computer    Touch screen LCD

Speed    820 holes/min    Configuration   

3 models (high/middle/low)

Power Input    Three-phase 380V AC 2.2KW (MAX)    Filament Box    2 modes (Double colors/Three colors)

Air Source Input    0.4-0.5MPa    Positioning accuracy    0.05mm/100mm

MEAS    1250*1250*1450(mm)    Filament length    10-15mm

GW    900kg    Ordinary circular Aperture    1.2-3mm

Brush making machine.jpg                                                                                             

Intelligent NC Computer Parts

touch screen controller.png


1) The introduction of Germany CNC technology research and development of intelligent numerical control touch screen LCD computer scanning hole coordinates.

2)Used the American import NC CPU chip, speed P4 and dual core.

3)Automatic tracking speed.

4) Positioning precision, convenient operation. toothbrush making machine

5)The system is stable and reliable, adapted to adapted to different environment.

6) The whole closed loop system, strong anti- interference ability.

7) Can be upgraded to the highest number of flocking 99 holes.(additional options)

8)Can be point to upgrade to add wool implement.(additional options)

Toothbrushes tufting making production equipment.jpg

Servo Motor Parts

servo motor.png


1) Adopted original high precision servo motor imported from Japan for the worktable of X axis , Y axis and handle's change.

2)Use the German imported precision level C1 double thread ball screw.

3)Fast displacement:820/minute,jump hole distance can reach 8-10mm.

4)Rigid soft stability and reliability.

Automatic scanning holes coodinate Parts


1)Used high-tech infrared automatic scanning brush handle hole coordinates.

2)High efficiency in changing product: 40 holes for about 5 minutes.

3)High precision positioning coordinates: tolerance +/_ 0.02 mm.

4) Easy to operate and learning, high scanning speed.

5)Less tedious steps: manual measuring pitch error precision fine tuning.

Features of flocking part:

Tufting machinery.png

1)The introduction of German technology research and development to jig.

2)Use the German import materials plant garden, take knife , flocking pole.

3)The flocking mouth and rod through import vacuum processing high precision mirror spark technology:high hardness and good toughness, high resistance to wear.

4)Flocking machine precision machining process error value+/-0.01mm, flocking aperture:1.2 to 3.0mm.

5) Strong stability and tension, high efficiency and don't loose hair when flocking.

Toothbrushes tufting making production equipment.jpg
Double Color Box Parts(C2)


1)Citing Germany technology automatic cycle pressure cylinder principle: high pressure uniform and adjustable.

2)Convient adjustment adopts double dabbing cylinder hair neatly.

3)Color change the Japanese original servo motor, can support two holes in one color.

4)The electric control and wool technology, convenient operation and fast.

5)Hair knife takes hair with high stability, planting enough hair and not scatted hair.
hair knife.png
1)Hair box adopts the rotation principle:German technology fission rotation reaction ability,small rigid
2)Refer to the French OGIGA role rodless cylinder pressure principle:MAO uniform pressure force,high adjustable dabbing
3)the use of three cylinder convenient adjustment hair neatly
4)Adopt Taiwan original servo motor ,high response speed can support a hole in one color
5)Adopt pneumatic and wool technology,convenient operation,quick
6)Knife take MAO high stability,and don't loose hair,not hair

toothbrush making machine

Nylon Rolling handle -off Box Parts

automatic output system.png


1)decorate device to reduce repair MAO MAO process
2)easy to brush handle landed rubber

toothbrush making machine

Tufting machinery.png

Finished samples of toothbrushes made by tufting machine:

toothbrush design.png

lifting .png

toothbrushes sample.jpg

toothbrushes samples.png

packaging of toothbrushes.png

Stable wooden package protects machine from strike and damage.
Wound plastic film keeps machine out of damp and corrosion.
Fumigation-free package helps the smooth customs clearance.
The big size machine will be fixed in container without package.
For LCL, we cooperated with reputable logistics team to send machine to sea port speedily and safely.
For FCL, we get the container and do container loading by our skillful workers carefully.
For forwarders, we have professional and long-term cooperated forwarders who can handle the shipment smoothly. Also we would like
to have seamless cooperation with your forwarder at your convenience.


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