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Accessory Equipments

Fully automatic assembly making machine for LED light bulb


Now Price:$56795.00


The intelligent type bulb assembly machine is a customized product specially developed and manufactured by our company according to the products of lighting appliance industry. Its application scope is led bulb automatic assembly finished products, etc. its advantages are high efficiency and labor saving.
◆ the machine is controlled by PLC. Photoelectric monitoring of each part action, abnormal operation, automatic shutdown, display the cause, so as to eliminate the fault in time. The equipment has the functions of product counting and operation speed display.

bulb assembling line.png

equipment scheme.jpg

3D of assembler machine.png
◆ the main drive motor and clutch brake are installed inside the frame, and the torque overload protector of each part of the transmission system is installed on the machine board, which can separate the main drive motor from each transmission part under overload, so as to ensure the safety of the whole machine.
◆ the machine is equipped with intelligent detection device, which is convenient to work with front track equipment.
◆ the machine can be used alone or in conjunction with aging line and laser marking machine equipment to form a complete production line.
◆ the machine can be equipped with a set of die (positive stamping) for each specification according to the different use requirements of users. The die will be customized according to the product height, and the mechanism adjustment and debugging on the equipment are simple. As shown in the figure:

as shown in the fig.png

Technical parameters of main equipment:

LED Lump light assembler.jpg

LED spot light assembler.jpg
Serial number   Equipment model    YX-RYHX-E27  remarks
1    Equipment speed    1200-1500PCS/h  
2    Bulb size    A/T bubbleφ50-100 Two sets of molds   
3    Motor power    1.5 KW   
4    Power type   Single phase 220V 50Hz   
5   Machine noise    ≤80dB   
6    Air source    0.5-0.8 Mpa   
7   Airconsumption    20m³/h   
8     Overall dimension    about L4660*W1630*H1800
About 4660 * w1630* h1800mm    
9  Machine weight   About 1500kg 


Main configuration information
bowl feeder.jpg
No    Name  Make / specification remarks
1    PLC Schneider or Delta   
2    Interface  Schneider or Delta   
3    Frequency converter   Keken   
4    Solenoid valve    AirTAC   
5    Cylinder  AirTAC   
6    electric machinery    GPG   
7    Splitter    Kewei   
Process requirements for bulb materials:
① 1、The plastic coated aluminum and bubble shell of LED assembly machine shall not have directional positioning slot; And cannot be full card (as shown below)  
2、The exposed length of the center line after the power supply is assembled shall be 30-35mm; The length difference of the same batch of wires shall not exceed 1mm (as shown in the figure below)
3、Power wire requirements: multi strand tin dipping wire
4、Requirements for chamfer of lamp cap inlet (as shown in the figure below)

as shown in the figure 2.png

requirements for lamp caps.png

Bulb cover feeder machine
Artificial bubble shells to feed tanks - distribution disk rotation - blowing tube to pass the bubble from the template - output

bulb cover feeder machine.png
Equipment performance characteristics:

The feeder is a customized product based on the lighting electrical industry products, and the application range LED bulb A bubble φ50-80 automatic supply, its advantages: high efficiency, provincial labor.

This machine is used in conjunction with standard assembly machine or simple assembler.
Technical parameter:
No    Equipment model    YX-RYPK-100  Remarks

1    Equipment speed    1000-1500pcs per hour
2    Bulb size    φ50-80   
3    Motor power    0.3 KW   
4   Power type    Single phase 220V 50Hz   
5    Machine noise    ≤80dB   
6  Gas source    0.5-0.8 Mpa   
7   Gas consumption    5m³/h   
8    Overall dimension    L1860*W800*H1333mm    
9   Machine weight    about 80Kg   
(The final interpretation is reserved by PENGLAI)

Configuration information:
Make / specification   
1    Solenoid valve    AirTAC   
2  electric machinery     GPG

LED burnout &aging machine:

LED lamp aging and online detection.png   

Drawing of Led aging machine.png
Description of equipment specifications, parameters and functional features:
NO.    Name    parameter    Remarks
1   Equipment speed    1500pcs/ h   
2    Overall dimension    L3800*W1780*H1750mm   
3    Motor power     0.75KW   
4  Power type    Single phase 220V 50Hz   
5    Machine noise    ≤80dB   
6  Gas source     0.5-0.8Mpa   
7    Gas consumption    10m³/h   
8    Basic structure of equipment
Ring chain S-type conveying, lamp holder type sophistication, electrical parameter test, manipulator automatic lighting. Automatically judge qualified / unqualified lamps according to preset conditions   
9   Functional features 
This equipment is specially used to detect the aging of LED bulb lamps. The touch screen human-machine interface display and PLC control are adopted to control the three voltage areas of LED lamp, including low-voltage area, normal pressure area (impact) and high-voltage area. Accelerate the aging test process to improve the quality of LED lamps. The system adopts man-machine interface control and simple operation.   
automated light assembler line in factory.jpg
Equipment construction and material description:
NO.    Name     parameter   Remarks
1  Driving device
The power adopts taituo 28 shaft 400w1:50 gear reduction motor combined with 70df series 120 ° 4 equal clearance cam splitter drive chain, and the line body is combined with automatic upper and lower light manipulator, which adopts start / stop mode. The speed regulation is regulated by Jinzhong frequency converter. (one station starts and stops in online mode2.4S)   
2 Fuselage, rack   
The rack adopts 50 × 50x2.5 steel pipe is welded into the whole machine structure, and the side guard plate is bent by 1.5mm cold plate. The support foot is equipped with galvanized adjustable m16x150mm foot cup and 3-inch universal caster.   
3    Conveying chain, sprocket  
12A hollow chain is used. The total length of S-type is about 13. M. The chain track adopts polymer wear-resistant guide rail. It is arranged in 3 groups and 6 rows in the S-type travel direction, and the driven wheel of the transmission chain adopts 12a24 tooth sprocket.   
4  Lamp holder and conductive   
The lamp holder adopts five claw spring clip B22 lamp holder, which is installed on the chain and fixed with a special T-shaped base. Each lamp holder is equipped with a group of 2 spring conductive devices to ensure contact and power on with the conductive groove during transmission. One lamp holder is installed at a spacing of about 114.3mm, and 114 B22 lamp holders are equipped for the whole line. Lamps with maximum aging diameter of 100mm (A / T bubble)   
5    Conductive groove   
Each group of the whole line is equipped with two-way conductive groove rails, which are arranged along the chain, equipped with stainless steel conductive groove, and the conductive groove is fixed on the insulating plate. (6-way conductive groove, the turning angle at the sprocket is charged or not charged according to the voltage zoning layout, and the return end of the lamp holder is not charged)   
6    Upper side plate   
Both sides of the upper layer of the line body are equipped with foldable side plates, which are supported by gas springs. The side plate support frame is welded with 40x40x2.0 and 40x20x2.0mm square tubes. The side plate window is made of brown plexiglass and fixed with M4 screws, which is convenient for visual inspection of lamp aging.   
7  Lower lamp mechanism   
One set of mechanical lamp is adopted. The PLC program controls the Yadeke solenoid valve to drive the Yadeke cylinder to control the manipulator's grasping, traverse, rising and falling action. According to the preset conditions, the lower hopper rotates automatically and is classified as qualified / unqualified lamps.   
8    Voltage area of the whole line   
Chiyue brand 5KVA has 3 voltage regulators in total, and 2 voltage regulators are 0-250V adjustable. One voltage regulator is 0-300V adjustable. A total of 3 voltage zones are designed for the line body (low voltage zone - normal pressure (normal pressure zone can be normally on or impact as required) - high voltage)   
9   Aging process  
(automatic assembly machine) light on - low pressure aging area - atmospheric aging area / impact aging area - high pressure aging area - electrical parameter test area - automatic light off (OK / NG), and the hopper rotates according to the evaluation results (qualified / unqualified).   
10 capacity   1. According to the calculation of one station running in 2.4S, the hourly capacity is about 1500.
2. The production capacity and qualification rate are displayed on the touch screen.   

Electrical control
1、The voltage indication adopts lild digital display meter, the whole system is controlled by Yonghong PLC, maintenance control 7-inch touch screen and Schneider AC contactor, 3 5KVA voltage regulators, and the electrical appliances and voltage regulators are installed below the line body. The operation area is equipped with an emergency stop switch to facilitate timely stop when the light is on.
2、Test area: one Yongpeng electric parameter tester and one 500VA Tianzheng voltage regulator. The test voltage is 110V / 220V and can be switched.
3、Chain operation mode: a start stop (online) mode B start stop (single machine) mode C normally open mode   
12   Body color

machine in stock for making light.jpg
The racks of the whole line are painted in yellow, the sheet metal parts are painted in wrinkle white, and the sprocket is blackened.   
Structure description of intelligent electrical parameter test system:

An area in front of the mechanical lamp is set as the electrical parameter detection system, and two-way conductive systems are arranged. The upper and lower limits of parameters such as power, current and power factors can be set freely. A computer (equipped by the demander) and a set of fast electrical parameter test system (refresh the data 50 times in 1s and extract the stable value parameters within the preset time). The qualified / unqualified products are displayed on the display screen.

1)Product qualification / nonconformity determination function

Automatically identify qualified / unqualified products according to preset conditions (power, current and power factors).

2)data management

The electrical parameters of each lamp shall be detected independently, and the detection data shall be uploaded to the computer with software to facilitate data storage and management, and the printer can also be connected to print data.

3) Qualified / unqualified product indication

Through the parameter analysis of the lamp by the electrical parameter system, the qualified / unqualified state of the tested lamp is displayed on the computer software interface.


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