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Accessory Equipments

Tennis ball equipment fully automatic vacuum seaming with air pressurizing function for packaging tennis balls


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This is a fully automatic round can sealing equipment for canning fishery food. The machine body is made of stainless steel, and the design meets the sanitary requirements for food production manufactures. It’s specifically designed for vacuum sealing for all kinds of round tin plates, aluminum cans or plastic cans such as milk powder cans, fruit cans, beverage cans, plastic cans etc. This machine features for stable operation and good sealing effect.

Mechanical Structure of Round cans seamer equipment automatic model YX-62AA

drawing of vacuum seaming machine model YX-46AA (2).jpg

drawing of vacuum seaming machine model YX-46AA (1).jpg

model YX-62AA seaming machine vacuum type.jpg

1) Safety device part:

1. Pneumatic can lid joint control device: when the can body enters, the electric eye will automatically feed the lid. If no lid is detected when the can body is place, the machine stops.

2. Three-chain spiral mechanism is adopted to feed the cans to avoid the errors in the mechanical entering time which might cause jams 

3. Safety clutch device: When the transmission fails and overloads errors, the transmission can be interrupted and stop the conveying.

2)  Six-pronged Can mold.

This Can mold is used to bring the can into the head of the main machine for sealing.
3) Sealing wheel and sealing principle:

1. The sealing wheel of this machine is made of high-quality steel and goes through heat treatment, which ensures accurate sealing and a long life span.
2. The service life of a set of sealing wheels can reach 200,000 to 500,000 cans (under the premise of proper use and maintenance).

How tennis ball container are vacuum sealed Balls pressurizi

Mark: Seaming machines

There are several automatic seaming machines specially designed for closing filled square, oval and round aluminium or tin plate cans. Characteristics of a common machine are shown in the link

Automatic machines are fitted with can end and can body feeding devices and also with equipment for automatic code marking of can ends.

►In addition they may also be linked with the following devices:

Automatic filling device

The device is designed for filling of oil, tomato sauce and other liquid sauces into cans. It is pneumatically operated and fills precisely measured quantities into each can.

Lidplunger and control closing device

The device is mounted on the closing machine and is particularly useful for overpacked cans. It presses the lid down on the can, and if the lid is not lying on the can, the seaming operation is automatically stopped.

Automatic seaming machines can operate at speeds of 3 500-4 000 cans per hour. Diateters of cans that may be seamed range from approximately 50 to 195 mm. The height of the cans may range from 15 to 120 mm. Multiple code markings are available.

Approximate length of the seaming machine will be 2 000 mm while width will be 2 000 mm .
Main technical specifications of automatic round cans seamer vacuum type:

model YX-62AA cans seamer.jpg

details of round cans seamer.png

machine running in the factory for packaging of tennis ball.
Basic parameter of YX-62AA automatic tennis ball can sealing

Model YX-62AA

Production capacity: 25 PCS / min

Applicable can diameter: 52-105mm (large head 73-105, small head 52-73)

Applicable can height: 50-280 mm

Randomly attached motor: Y100L6V 1.5kw

Normally the pressure is 0.6-1kg, according to the pressure of the customer's ball.

Dimension: 1210×1460×2000 mm Net weight: 1500 kg

*Note: The above parameters are for reference only. The machine constantly upgrades parameters that may cause the actual discrepancies, please

round can seaming equipment (2).jpg

Special parts from model YX-62AA vacuum seaming food cans machine:

rollers of round cans seamer.png

disc of vacuum sealer for different sizes of cans.png

Operating steps of the fully automatic vacuum sealing machine:
1. Connect to power
2. Turn on the power switch and set the vacuum duration according to the vacuum packaging standards.
3. Set the sealing temperature and sealing time according to the packaging material
4. Place the product into the tennis ball jar
5. Press down the vacuum cover to start vacuuming
6. When a certain degree of vacuum is reached, enter the sealing process.
7. The can is released after sealing is successfully completed.

Samples cans sealed by model YX-62AA vacuum seaming machine:
cans samples for round can seamer (3).png

cans samples for round can seamer (2).png

cans samples for round can seamer (1).png

Length of tennis cans.jpg

diameter of tenni ball can.jpg

Annotations: Principles and Methods in the Canning of Fishery Products
1. How to Create the Vacuum in the Can?
1.1 The vacuum generated by machinery: the can container is kept in a closed vacuum chamber of the sealer during the sealing process. At this time, the air in the container is evacuated by the vacuum pump, and then the container is sealed. This method is suitable for solid foods, such as canned meat and bones. This kind of equipment includes: Model YX-62AA Automatic Vacuum Seamer or Sealer for Cans Double Seam, Plastic Bag Vacuum Sealer.

1.2 The vacuum generated by water steam: inject steam into the top space of the container that has been filled with food to exhaust air, and then seal the container. When the steam cools in the container, it turns into water, and the container creates a vacuum. This method is suitable for liquid or part of solid food. This type of equipment includes: YX-250A/B Automatic Cans Double Seam Seamer or Sealer.

1.3 The vacuum produced by hot filling: Fill the canned container with hot food. At this time, the air in the can container is heated to expand and is evacuated out of the container, then seal the container. When it cools, there is less air in the container, creating a vacuum. This method is suitable for liquids. Such equipment includes: beverage filling production line.

canning machine.jpg

2. The Purpose of Creating a Vacuum in the Can
Reduce food oxidation; inhibit microbial growth; reduce excessive expansion of cans during sterilization and heating.

3. Possible Reasons for the Insufficient Vacuum
3.1 Container leakage: For obvious container leakage, it can be easily detected and discovered at the time of production. We should pay more attention to "chronic leakage". If the container has capillary leakage holes and these small holes are blocked by liquid food, the degree of vacuum will drop very slowly. It is not until a few days later that the value of the vacuum drop can be detected and discovered.

3.2 Microorganisms in food containers produce gas: one situation is: the container "chronic leakage", the liquid food blocks the small leakage hole of the container, but the outside microorganisms can still penetrate into the container through this small hole, grow and produce gas. Another situation is: due to insufficient sterilization, microorganisms in the container grow and produce gas. In these cases, the vacuum in the container drops very slowly and cannot be detected and discovered until a few days later.

3.3 The acidic food in the metal container chemically reacts with the metal of the container to produce gas. In these cases, the vacuum in the container drops very slowly and cannot be detected and discovered until a few days later.
3.4 Other reasons: Insufficient filling temperature, malfunction of vacuuming equipment, the headspace of the container is too small, etc.


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