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Latest product

Custom Low cost Water filling production line water purifier bottles blowing machinery washing filling capping shrink sleeve wrapping machinery whole line from A to Z


Now Price:$101695.00


Water filling production line water purifier bottles blowing machinery washing filling capping shrink sleeve wrapping machinery whole line from A to Z

Water filling production line.jpg

The whole line including the machine as below :

.2cavity bottles blowing machines

.Water purifier 1000L RO system

.12-12-3 Three in one rotary water filling line

.Ink printer for date codes

.Automatic Shrink sleeve labeling machine

.Automatic bottles sleeve wrapping machine

By means of the above-mentioned machines then you can get the final products water bottles

operation process for Water filling production line.jpg

Below are the machines listed from A to Z for the water production line one by one with detailed description and data like videos pictures etc

.Semi automatic bottles blowing machines model YX-BL02


Semi Automatic Bottle blowing Machines for 100-1000ML PET Bottles  with 2 cavity/4cavity

YX-BL02 is the fastest liner blow molding machine in mainland of China by now. The bottle blower reaches around 4200BPH for 350ML bottle. Its baking tunnel is separated from the blow station so that time for mold opening is shortened with a result of speedy blowing and high output, damage to machine is lessened so as to keep reliable performance and prolong service life, as well as machine runs more smoothly and steadily.

close-up photos of Water filling production line.jpg

YX-BL02 automatic stretch blow molding machine is equipped with patented preform loading system, which consists of two manipulators: rectilineal manipulator and overturning manipulator. The rectilineal manipulator moves preform with neck up to the preform holder, after heating, the overturning manipulator grips heated preform and overturn 180 put preform to blow station with neck down. After stretching and blowing, the bottle is taken off by overturning manipulator. The specially designed preform loading & bottle discharging system avoid possible damage to preform & bottle during transportation

 Semi Automatic Bottle blowing Machines for PET Bottles

details of Water filling production line.jpg


Control system

Together with HITECH Man-Machine Interaction (MMI) control panel with user-friendly, the whole control system presents super performance with precise control, convenient parameter setup, obvious display and reasonable memory.


The standard operation of YX-BL02 stretch blow molding machine includes four steps as follow

Step 1. Put the preform into preform container and the conveyer will take the preform to orientation units automatically.

Semi Automatic Bottle blowing Machines for  PET Bottle

Features of two cavity bottles blowing machine semi automatic model YX-BL02:

A. Stable performance with advanced PLC.

B. Conveying preforms automatically with conveyor.

C. Strong penetrability and good and swift distribution of the heat by letting the bottles rotate by itself and revolute in the rails simultaneously in the infrared preheater.

D. High adjustability to enable the preheater to preheat preforms in shapes by adjusting the light tube and the length of the reflecting board in the preheating area, and eternal temperature in the preheater with an automatic thermostatic apparatus. 

Basic parameter of 2cavities/4cavities semi automatic bottles blowing machines


components of Water filling production line.jpg





YX-BL02 Model


Host Machine


Volume of produvt 








Max.neck diameter




Max.container diameter




Mold size




Mold thickness




Open and close mold schedule




clamping force




Stretching lenght




Operating pressure




Blowing pressure




Blowing power






















filled bottles by Water filling production line.jpg

Ⅱ、2T One stage Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier



RO Water purifying system uses the American latest Reverse Osmosis device. Meanwhile ,this equipment with the preprocessing device, by the high pressure , it enables the water to pass the reverse osmosis film with a diameter of one ten-thousandth of a micron and separates impurities, ion, microbes and colloids in the water, so as to meet the water requirements in cosmetics ,pharmacy ,electronics and food


Technological flow chart of water production

technological flow chart of Water filling production

EEquipment configuration

1、        Pressure Pump

MaterialStainless steel


Quantity 3pieces

Brand Joint venture

2、        Multimedia Filter

MaterialStainless steel


ConfigurationStainless steel pipes and valves

Filtering materialQuartz sand

Quantity 3sets

Country of originAmerica

2、        Active carbon Filter&Sand filter

Material stainless steel

Model 1465

ConfigurationStainless steel pipes and valves

Filtering materialApricot shell Active carbon

Quantity 2sets

Country of originAmerica

3、        Ultrafilter

Materialstainless steel


Filter element PP 20 inch 5pieces3-5u

Quantity 1set

4、        RO system (first stage and second state main machine)

Model RO-2000L

Country of originAssembling the imported parts

Configuration :(14 pieces BE-4040 low pressure Conposite membrane,4 pieces stainless steel tubes.

21 piece High pressure pump , the model is QDL2-150,the type is vertical multistage pump

3Stainless steel frame,stainless steel pipes,pressurization index is 25/2

4Electric controller Including 1 piece digital readout conductivity gauge,2 pieces flow gauge,4 pieces pressure gauge,1 piece PLC Controller,3 sets Pump control switch.

5PLC and Imported solenoid valve control the automatic flushing systemAutomatically flushing 60seconds when the machine turn on,automatically flushing 60 seconds after the machine working 6 hours continuously

 more details of Water filling production line.jpg

Capacity and characteristics

1、        Continuous water production without the need of regeneration ,reducing labor strength.

2、        Automatically turn the machine off when it is short of water cause by the low pressure and full of water cause by the high pressure .

3、        PLC microcomputer monitoring, flushing the reverse osmosis membrane af regular intervals.

4、        Small in size ,low energy consumption,non-pollution ,no need regenerateion and meet the GB drinking water requirements.

5、        90% parts are imported , using the famous brand membrane to improve the stability and durability of the equipment.

control panel for Water filling production line.jpg

 The requirements of the machine operation

a)      Raw water

1Pressure of water-in 1.5/2   2pipe diameter1

3Comductivity of the water-in300us/

b)      Voltage

Three phase and four wires 15A RCD

c)       Size


Power:3.5kw   Voltage:380V three phase four wires Current:Max 6A

.YX-12-12-3  water filling machine three in one


front view of Water filling production line.jpg

The equipment is used in production of non-soda drink of fruit juice, fruit wine, minerals and pure water packed in polyester bottles. Washing, filling and capping are integrated in one machine.
The most advanced technology from Japan and Germany is employed in the design. The gravity fixed liquid surface filling is used. The filling is fast, the amount of liquid is accurately controlled and the dropping and leakage are avoided.
Spring cramps are used in the bottle washing process. The empty bottles can be turned over180~ along the conveying rail. There are two times of internal and external washing, the efficiency of bottle washing is high.
The magnetic torque is used for screw capping. The power of screw capping can be adjusted without steps. The power of the screw capping can be adjusted without steps. The power of the screw capping can also be fixed, and the caps will not be damaged, the capping is reliable.

close look at the Water filling production line.jpg
The whole machine is controlled by PLC with touch-screen as the human-machine interface. The amount of the drinks in the storage tank can be controlled automatically. The filling and capping will be stopped automatically when there is no bottle. When bottles are cramped wrongly or when caps are not available, the machine can be stopped automatically.
The frequency changing technology is used to adjust the operation speed steplessly. The production capacity can be displayed digitally and can be adjusted conveniently.

Specification of rotary filling machine three-in-one

Water filling production line.jpg




YX- 12-12-3



Capacity 500ml)(b/h






Filling precision


The size of bottlemm

Diameter ofφ50-φ100height150-320

Suitable cap shape

Plastic screw cap

Water pressure of washing bottle Mpa


Water of washing bottleKg/h






Gas Source pressure Mpa


Gas Consumptionm3/min






Total powerKW






Total weight Kg






Dimension mm






.YX-E80 ink printer with touch screen for bottle & metal cans


1.Full colour touch screen provided by Hitachi

2.Electronic components purchasing the latest AMR world's most advanced chips. 3.Power offered by the Aerospace Industry 

4.Content can be modified during printing without stopping the production line

5.All stainless steel chassis parts, meet IP55 standard of protection.

Ink Printing parameter model YX-E80

controlling panel for Water filling production line.jpg

1.With photocell, a sensitive function of n-jet printing

2.Printing lines:1-4lines

3.Counter meter: Can be printing at any units of meters

4.Printing speed:2m/s(5*7)

5.Dot matrix printing

6.Character:8*8 can be combination in any form.

7.Editing Function: interplay

hybrid, rotate, combination,variety of different fonts,space or bold etc in 36 spot lattices.

8.Power requirement:  AC220V 50HZ 75VA

9.Nozzle pipe:2.0m(It can be made according special specification


printing part for Water filling production line.jpg

Operation interface color touch screen, Chinese-English menu Information storage unlimited storing of printing information

Chinese input pinyin input method, zone bit code input method

Printing ink black, blue, red and other colors of ink

Printing height of characters 1 ~ 15mm (adjustable)

Printing distance 0 ~ 30mm (adjustable)

Character widening 1 ~ 9 times, widening of one single character is available

data printed by Water filling production line.jpg

. Bottle sleeve labeling machine with shrink tunnel labeling machines  Model YX-SL150


1) Features of bottles sleeve labeling machines :

operation of Water filling production line.jpg

a. Various bottle type;round, square and so on.

b. High precious location;save cost and correct.

c. Suitable for adjustment inside film range from 3to 10.

d. Man-machine conversation liquid crystal screen;easy operation
e. Magic Eye control feeding material, automatically.

f. PLC control system

g. High- speed sleeve film.(Temperature; from 100 to 600°C suitable for various film material

h. Screw transportation located system;Location for various shape bottles.

i. No need tool adjustment

 schematic diagram of Water filling production line.jpg

1 Synchronized transmission, any change of transmission belt will be finished quickly. Compared to the type of traditional multilayer whose change and maintain need more than six hours, its maintenance is easy and
maintain is simple, so it doesn
t influence production.

2 Unit cutter head plane design in China which apply to the container of never need to change
or debug it. It also has unique light touch human-machine screen, that means,auto search original location as well as safety and convenience which is aheadof other congener products.

3 Single shrinking label feed plane ,reasonably height which is convenient to fix the label; micro-computer auto figure which avoid enactment and adjustment .you only need to press it lightly ,the label will detect and locate automatially.The change of label is quick and convinient,besides,the cut place is absolutely exact .

4 Label feeding equipment;driving synchronized tensility control the supply of label ,the supply ability is 90meters per minite,volume
label supply plane is 500mm,the internal diameter of paper tube will be 4
,8,10 .the configuration of label feeding is
stable tensility which enable the exact length of label and the stable ,quick supply of label.

5 The center pillar applies step by step shoot label structure and the speed is 150B per minute.

6 The newly designed cutter head use step by step motor driving which speed is high, action is exact, the cut is in order and the shrinking is beautiful. This design cooperates with the label synchronized location structure enable the precision of cut location within 1mm.

7 Many emergency stop buttons enable emergency stop at the proper position along the production which guarantee the safe production.

Main technical parameters of the sleeve labeling equipment:

main technical parameters.jpg

main technical parameters.jpg


1 Host machine; AC220V, 50/60HZ, 1.5-2KW, single-phase

2. Production speed;7000-9000 b/h

The standard length of label is 100mm
and the speed can be adjusted accord to customer
s requirements. The speed will be faster if the label is shorter.

4. Diameter of bottle body; 28mm-125mm

5. Length of label;30mm-250mm

6. Thickness of label;0.035mm-013mm

7. Material of label;PVC, PET, OPS

8.label material:pvc,pet,ops

9.shrink machine size:2100*850*2000mm

steam pressure:1kg/cm2


steam furnance size:2000*500*1700mm

host machine;L2000MM*W850MM*H2000MM

Bottle kinds :

bottle types  for the Water filling production line.jpg

.Model YX-SP6540 bottles packs sleeve wrapping machine


Water filling production line in operation.jpg

The sleeve sealing thermal shrink packaing machines model YX-SP6540 is widely used 

in beverage, food, medicalchemical combinative package.  It can make package perfect what ever it is

 without pallet, cartoon,, rectangle, round or flat shape,

 it has the advantage of less cost and better appearance. It applies PLC automatic controller,

man-machine interface, ensure that no fallen bottle, no bottle shortage.

 It adjusts flexible, safe and beautiful. The adjustable hot wind recycle structure make machine suits

 for all kinds of thermal films (including color printing).

 Replace film conveniently. It has failure alarm, lock device, reliable running. 

 The whole machine applies super steel and stainless steel, with compact and endurable structure. 

This new type of wrapping machine is the ideal equipment for beverage filling line.

Features of sleeve shrink packaging machinery for bottles cans boxes packing:

 operation of Water filling production line.jpg

1.Upper and lower motor driven conveyor systemto facilitate film convey 
2.The bran d ”NORGEN” of Bngland air-run control the complete set of working 
3. Imported Japan Mitsubishi programmable logic controller (PLC)with stable performance 
4. Stick-free Teflon-coated sealing cutter to ensure clear and stick-free sealing lines 
5. Reinforced con veyor motor to ensuresteady transport 
6. Adoping German advanced technology, elaborating according to European  process. 
7. Imported converter to achieve 0-12m/min. Adjustable speed range 
8. Large power double fan motor, assure enough circulate wind 
9. Ultrast rong cooling system to ensure quick formation after heat-shrinking of products 
10. Furnished with anchor bolts for integration with the production line

shrink tunnel inside and cooking fan of Water filling produc

Full Automatic Sleeve Sealing Shrink Packing Machine packaging equipment consists of following parts:

main technical parameters.jpg

Water filling production line in operation.jpg

Bottle conveyor device: transfer goods which need package

Block bottle, dispart bottle device: transfer packages in separate way and control strock of package.

Block bottle position inspecting device: separate bottles to package and consequent bottles.

Pushing bottle, guild bottle device: Pushing bottles to sealing &cutting position.

Press bottle device: prevent bottle from inverting when sealing and cutting.

Film fix length conveyor device: transfer package film.

Sealing &cutting device: seal and cut package film.

Hot wind recycle device: To fulfill thermal shrinkage function.

Heat resistant conveyor device: Transfer finished products under high temperature, 

and fulfill thermal shrinkage function.

Finished product storage device: storage products temporally.

Coolling device: Cool product so that convenient transfer products to required position.

PLC control system: automatic control

Basic parameter of fully automatic sleeve sealing shrink packaging machine with oven tunnel:

operation of Water filling production line.jpg

Technical data   model YX-SP6540 Sleeve sealing machine for mineral water bottles food cans packaging :

Sealing type

sleeve sealing

Power supply


Max product size


Max Packing capacity

20 packs per minute

Film type

polyethylene (PE) film

Max film size

630 (width) *280mm(outer diameter)

Power consumption


Tunnel oven size

1800mm(L), entrance 600(W)*400(H)mm

Tunnel conveyor speed

variable,controlled by frequency converter,15m/min

Tunnel conveyor

chains with rotating silicon coated rods

Working height


Air pressure

0.5MPa(5 bar)



Sealing system

permanently heated seal bar coated with Teflon

Operating interface

Eview displayer

Machine material

carbon steel



Samples of final products processed by sleeve type sealing thermal shrink packaging machines

samples by sleeve shrinking machine.jpg


Packaging pictures about our machine exported

packing and shipping for water filling production line.jpg

Guarantee: for all the machine, it claims one year for guarantee.(Excluded from the warranty are problems due to accidents, misuse , misapplication, storage damage, negligence, or modification to the Equipment or its components.

Installation: after the machine arrive your factory,if you need,our technician will go to your place to install and test the machine and also training your worker to operating the machine (The time of train depend on you worker).

The expenses (air ticket ,food , hotel,the travelling fee on your country) should be on your account and you need paid for the technician USD50 per day. also you can go to our factory to do training.
After service: If you get the problem on the machine ,our technician will go to your place to fixed the machine as soon as possible. The cost should be in your account.(as above).



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