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Company:SHENZHEN PENGLAI Industrial Corporation Limited

Factory Address:403B, No.99 Qiaocheng East RD,Nanshan District,Shenzhen,Guangdong ,China

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Latest product

Fully automatic egg trays sticker labeling machine with tray feeding and collection system


Now Price:$14997.00


Egg carton self-adhesive labeling machine

It is suitable for multi-functional automatic labeling of flat, square and round flat sides in daily chemicals, food, dairy products,

medicine and other industries.

PLC and servo marking systems from world-renowned brands, multi-functional human-machine operation interface,
production counting, parameter adjustment and other visual monitoring, with rich help functions and fault display functions;
The main material of this model is SUS304 stainless steel that meets international standards Made of imported aluminum alloy,
the surface of the aluminum alloy has been double-layer anodized and will not rust or deform.
operating system

Multifunctional human-machine operation interface, production counting, parameter adjustment and other visual monitoring,
with rich help functions and fault display functions;

tray labeller equipment.jpg

front picture of egg tray labeler.jpg

automatic labeler for egg trays.jpg

50 sets of labeling parameters can be preset, so there is no need to reset when changing cups;

Can automatically detect label length and other functions;
Special for recycled Paper Pulp Egg Carton / Box / Tray
    12 count tri-fold, 12 count bi-fold
    18 count bi-fold, and 24 count bi-fold

Machine Features
1. Stacked Egg Trays Feeding Automatically

2. Egg Trays Automatic Transportation System

3. Products Position-Setting Automatically

4. Labeled Products Automatic Stack Collecting System

Optional parts equipped with the egg tray labeling machine:

Flexible selection of configurations such as hot stamping printer or inkjet printer;

Special sensors for transparent and opaque labels;

Basic parameters of model YX-PL530

trays feeder.png

tray boxes labeler.png

labeling machine parts details.png

drawing of labeler.png

Driving Mode    Servo motor

Yield(pcs/min)    10-60

Operating direction    Left or Right

Conveyor Speed(m/min)    ≤40

Labeling Accuracy    ±1.0 mm

The inner diameter of label roll    76 mm

The outer diameter of label roll    350 mm(max)

The suitable size of label    Width 15-300 mm length 15-300 mm

The suitable size of labeling objects    Can customized

Printer use air    5kg/cm ²

Voltage (In China)    AC220V 50/60HZ Single phase(Can customized as client need)

Power(w)    3000W

Weight(kg)    500

Machine size    4000(L) 1500 (W) 1600 (H) mm (machine size can made as client need)

Basic configuration of sticker labeling machine:

No    Name    Model    Unit    Brand
1    PLC control system    288-1ST20-OAAO    1 Set    SIEMENS
2    Touch-screen    648-OCC11-3AXO    1 Piece    SIEMENS
3    Labeling engine Servo motor    1FL6 034-2AF21-1AA1    1 set    SIEMENS
4    Labeling engine Drive    6SL3 210-5FB10-4UA1    1 set    SIEMENS
5    Frequency converter    6SL3210-5BB15-5UV0    1 set    SIEMENS
6    photoelectric sensor
(check products)    FS-N18N    3 set    Japan KEYENCE
7    Photoelectric sensor (Check opaque label)    GS61/6.2    3set    German Leuze
Photoelectric sensor (Check opaque and transparent label)    GSU 14B/66.3-S12    3set    German Leuze
8    Main transport motor    90YS90DV22    1 set    JSCC

Samples done by sticker labeling machine egg trays labeler:

trays collection.jpg

egg trays.png

egg tray sticker labeler.jpg


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