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Latest product

Automatic UV sterlizer equipment ultra light sterilization tunnel for PET bottles food bottle cans


Now Price:$4995.00


Model YX-UT01 UV sterilizer tunnel for PET bottles:

UV sterilizer tunnel for CK Lau.jpg

This machine is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry for ampoules,oral liquid bottles and vial bottles,glass bottles sterilizing.

This machine complete the whole procedure of bottle feeding, preheationg sterilizing, cooling and bottle outleting automatically

Use the laminar flow principle and hot air high-speed disinfection technology, which can make the container in the sealed tunnel achieve the national cleanliness class A standard,

is currently the most popular , best drying and sterilizing deffect equipment, even heat distribution and good depyrogenating.

The unit can be used as a single machineor be combined into a production line with the front bottle washing machine and the behind filling machine.

This uv sterilizer can quickly kill 99% bacteria and viruses, including: influenza, hepatitis virus, e. coli, golden yellow staphylococcus aureus, bacillus subtilis variant spore and various black mildew source body, the allergy source,

to the daily life of people to provide a safe environment, especially suitable for tableware, food, cosmetics, Chinese herbal medicine, and public goods, children's toys and other items such as surface fast disinfection and deodorization in addition to taste

Parameter of Ultraviolet sterilizing tunnel

UV sterilizer tunnel for CK Lau.jpg

UV sterilizer tunnel (1).JPG

1.Max bottle  high :320mm
2.Max roducts width  :  400mm
3. UV bottle diameter : 12-24mm
4. Conveyor speed:0~10m/min ;
6.UV lamp power:4KW
7. UV Drying products  speed:1800~3000PCS/HR
8.Total power:5KW
9..Machine dimension: L:1800mm W:600mm H:1700mm

Samples to be used for the UV tunnel:

samples for sterilizer.jpg

All the size of samples.jpg

The overall structure:
1. The workspace outside the tunnel body: 1.2 mm steel plate of the lacquer that bake a set of models: A3
2. The body brace: machine is a type of steel, machine is 2"
3. The movement wind system: forced wind combination exhauster 1 set (take out harmful gases)
4. Thermal insulation material: vacuum aluminum silicate + silk cotton double models: 60 k
5. Conveyor belt, teflon;

Maintenance instructions:

UV sterilizer.jpg
1. The equipment after each use, should be to do a good job of cleaning equipment;
2. The equipment of coating layer often should pay attention to the anti-corrosion measures, to prevent corrosion, rust-proof oil in the outer surface of the equipment
3. The machine use for a long time, we should add the lubricating oil machine transmission parts regularly,
4. The motor should be regular inspection and cleaning, motor shell cannot accumulate ash influence of the normal operation of motor, the motor in operation, if there are any special sound, should stop the machine immediately to check, if the bearing damage, should change in time; If the motor base fasteners loose, shift, should be reset. If lack of lubricating oil can use sodium calcium base grease lubrication;
5. Please do not arbitrarily disassembling electrical components and equipment of zero (department), in order to avoid damage to the electrical control circuit and equipment caused by man-made fault and affect its performance;
After-sales service for glue labeling machine for bottles glass or plasti and Glass bottles Sterilized Tunnel:

wooden case for tunnel sterilizer.JPG


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