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Latest product

Irregular shaped powder granules making into tablet single punch large pills press equipment


Now Price:$10159.00


YX-DHP04, YX-DHP10 flower basket type tablet making machine is a kind of small-sized automatic tablet press, is one of the necessary equipment in chemical, food, electronics and other industrial enterprises will be pressing granular raw materials into tablets or granules.

Suitable for small batch production, especially suitable for laboratories, hospitals, scientific research institutions to suppress tablets, touch of coal, sugar tablets, tablets, Coffee tablet, powder metallurgy, electronic components and all kinds of pesticide and fertilizer tablets etc.. Can press special-shaped, annular tablets, double color film, tablets and can suppress two-sided engraved with the trademark, text and simple graphics.


Application for tablet making single punch large tablets with special patter pressing equipment listed as below :

FLOWer basket type tablet maker.jpg

samples tablet.jpg

Chemical:disinfection tablets, insect repellent films, camphor ball, detergents, fragrances, catalysts, metallurgy powder,Urotropin (for fast lighter), glass powder, ceramic powder products, art powder, sand round block, magnetic materials.
Food:candy tablet, seasonings block, Chicken tablets, glucose block,coffee block, chocolate small blocks etc
Agriculture:Feed block, fertilizer tablets, livestock salt licking blocks
Electronic Batteries: thermistor, integrated circuit components, Carboniferous brush films, quick drop-off;
Health Care Products:calcium, propolis tablets, effervescent tablets, bath salts tablets

Structure features of tablet press machine

working principle for tablet making.jpg

The single punch machine adopts three phase asynchronous motor driving, vee belt and one class column gear to transmit. Three cams structure on main spindle to finish fill, press, tablet out three works. Each process can be adjusted to meet order’s technical requirements;

Parameter of flower basket type tablet single punch machine:

tablet making flower basket.jpg

Model YX-DPH04 YX-DPH10
Max pressure(KN) 40KN 100KN
Max Dia of Tablet(mm) 30mm 50mm
Max Depth of Filling 25mm 45mm
Max OD of Annular plate 22mm 35mm
Annular plate aperture 5-10mm 6-14mm
Filling Depth of annular plate 25mm 45mm
Max Output Capacity 50pcs per min 50pcs per min


Power supply 380V/Single/50hz 380V/Single/50hz
Dimension 685*565*1510mm 666*160*1824mm
Weight 530kg 810kg

Details of machine tablet making large pill press equipment:

Hopper connected with pipe.jpg

materials feeding pipe for tablet making machines.jpg

close pictures for tablet making large pills.jpg

Molds&Samples of YX-DPH series tablet pressing packing machine

mold for different shapes of tablet.jpg

Special tablet for single punch.jpg

samples single punch making tablet.jpg

common shapes tablet.jpg

Installation and adjustment

Machinery factory packaging.jpg

1. Whole machine can be lift by steel rope in top or moved by forklift. Ensure the machine stand on good horizontal line before working.
2.Choose suitable electric cable for this machine’s power supply. Connect motor’s revolving direction according to mark aside correctly. Before adjust motor’s direction, dismantle the vee belt off, then install again after finished. Then check the motor direction again for safety.
3. Switch off power supply at first, remove material hopper, material feeder and middle die plate. Clean holes and dies, then install lower die, middle die and upper die one by one.
4. Adjust the filling depth; Loose the locked screws at two sides, the screw nut goes down, increase filling depth. Must lock the screw tightly after adjusting filling depth well. Please note that the max. Filling depth is 45mm.
5.Adjust tablet thickness.There is scale ruler on eccentric device, the value shows upper dies goes into middle die’s depth. So adjust the screw on eccentric cover can change tablet thickness. After adjust well, please lock the screw well.
6.Adjust the lower die’s end surface and middle die’s surface on same line, then lock the screws on two sides;
Attention when using tablet making machine YX-DPH10 single punch press equipment
1.Ensure motor running direction is correct before switch on power supply, or it will cause damage machine parts;
2.If it is need for adjustment, please cut off the power supply;
3.Backward quick-stop button is only used for releasing pressure or adjusting upper die working. Or it may cause accident;
4.Keep the safety guard well before running machine;
5.The punching dies should be fully good, not any broken;
6.Please stop machine running before check problem or adjust;


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