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Packing machine for granules

vacuum packing machine for granules nuts walnut with linear scales weighing feeding system


Now Price:$26795.00


Vffs type vacuum packing machine with weighing scales system model YX-PL520K

What is the vacuum packing machine

A vacuum packing machine a product reduces the amount of oxygen that surrounds it and limits the growth of aerobic bacteria and fungi. This means that food products can be stored for longer than would normally be possible.  In the case of food such as cereals, nuts, smoked fish and cured meats these storage times can be lengthy. Although fresh foods, such as vegetables and meat, cannot be stored for such long time periods, vacuum packing can still be used to preserve them in good condition for shorter periods of time.

This is the basic premise of vacuum packing. But, how does a vacuum packing machine work? It’s actually quite a straightforward process.
How vacuum packing machines work

The basic working parts of a vacuum packing machine are a hermetically sealed chamber from which all air is removed, a pump which uses rotating blades to remove the air and thermal strips which are used to seal a vacuum pouch within the machine. There are different types of vacuum packing machine but the basic premise is the same.

Depending on the products and size of the pump in the machine, the average time taken for the sealing cycle to be completed is approximately 20 to 45 seconds. The more air there is which needs to be expelled, the longer the process takes. It is possible to improve the efficiency of the vacuum packing process by ensuring that as many vacuum pouches as possible are placed on the thermal strips, without compromising the sealing process. It’s often possible to place pouches on top of each other, depending on the type of pouches being used.

Application of vacuum packing machine:

Different grains or granules, such as sugar, salt, desiccant, coffee, washing powder, glucose, seeds, seasoning, pepper, beans, etc.
Main functions
Automatically measure, make bags, fill, seal, cut and print codes and vacuum bagging the finished products.

Features of vacuum packing machine granules bagging set:

1. adopts the advanced PLC control system, touch screen in both Chinese and English, and automatic completion of measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting and printing codes.

2. adopts the stainless steel 201 for the machine's mainframe, and stainless steel 304 for the parts touching supplies, which has a very good effect of anti-rusting, so guarantee the products clean and sanitary, and also greatly prolong the machine's life-span. 

Technical Parameters of granules packing machine

nuts packing.jpg

vacuum packing main body of machine.jpg

Item fully automatic packing machine for granules
filling weighing scales
bag stype back sealing type/pillow type pack
filling volume 200-2000g
bag size L80-350mm, W50-200mm
packing speed  30-50pcs per minute
Controlling system  PLC
Machine body materials Stainless steel 304
Pneumatic 0.65Mpa, 0.03cbm/min
voltage 380V, 50Hz,3P/ 220V, 60Hz, 3P
Weight 790kg
Dimension L1320*W950*H2550 (mm)
Power consumption 2.5kw
Film material  Paper/polyethylene; cellophane/polyethylene;
Plated aluminum/polyethylene; BOPP/polyethylene; nylon/polyethylene

Main body of machine packing nuts:

packing nuts machine.jpg

Parts for vacuum packing granules machine:

parts for vacuum packing machine.jpg

Bag packkaging samples:

bag samples.jpg


Advantages of vacuum packing food products
There are several benefits to be had from using a vacuum packing machine in domestic and commercial environments.
►Improved portion control. Food can be prepared at once and then some can be eaten and some vacuum packed and frozen for use at a later date.
►Reduction in freezer burn. Linking to the previous point, vacuum packing food products helps to reduce freezer burn.
►Reduction in waste. Being able to vacuum pack and store food reduces the amount that is thrown away and wasted.
►The ability to cook sous vide. This is a popular method of cooking which has many benefits, including the ability to control temperature more precisely.
►The ability to prepare food in advance and spread the workload. This can be a major advantage when one or two people are attempting to prepare a meal for a large number of people.
►Less risk of cross contamination

Wooden case packing for shipping vacuum packing machine:

wooden case packing before shipping vacuum packing machine.j


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