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Company:Guangdong PENGLAI Intelligent Equipment Co.,LTD

Factory Address:403B, No.99 Qiaocheng East RD,Nanshan District,Shenzhen,Guangdong ,China

Factory ADDRESS:St George Industrial Park,XinYu Road,ShaJing Town,Bao'an District,Guangzhou City,China

Contact:Jack Du

Small Mixer&Homogenizer
YX-VME series CE Certified Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Emulsifier

YX series cosmetics&food making and packaging machinery factory mainly design and manufacture as well as install various vacuum emulsifier machine for our customers in the production of cream/lotion/mayonnaise etc.

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Our CE certificate verified vacuum emulsifier machines are divided into the sorts like: by operation system.PLC control system vacuum mixers;Button control system vacuum homogenizing emulsifier equipment; by the main tank tilting way,the other two kinds:fixing vacuum emulsifier; tilting vacuum homogenizing mixers.All the cream/lotion emulsifiers are accredited with CE certificate audited from ENTE CERTIFICAZIONE MACCHINE SRL in Italy ,the notified body number NR 1282,the CERTIFICATE NR T120806/GLA966 .
Besides the vacuum cream emulsifier daily chemical machinery factory often processing equipments from water treatments via the storage tanks and filling machine to the final packaging machinery like the labeling machines as well as capping machines.

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Our factory since 1992 has been manufacturing the cosmetic&food making and packaging machinery.In these field we have the experience rich enough to solve the questions encountered by our customers from both home and abroad.For more information about PENGLAI machinery,please email via or browse our website
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