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Ultrasonic tubes Sealing
YX-007 ultrasound tube sealer machine ultrasonic plastic tubes sealing with multi tube holders

Tube Sealing Machine for Short-Production Runs
Features of customized ultrasonic tubes sealing machine model YX-007

full view of tube sealer machine ultrasonic plastic tubes se

Seal All plastic and laminate tubes, ANY shape or size
Production speeds of up to 15 tubes per minute
Date / Lot Coding of all tubes already built-in
Seals through product contamination
Very low reject rate, less than 1%
Ultrasonic sealing eliminates 'flash' and 'ears' versus hot-air sealing methods
Rotary cutting knife to cleanly cut even the thickest tube materials
Change-over time of less than 5 minutes
Line operators can setup and run machine, no mechanics required
Training new operators is literally a 10-minute procedure, extremely simple
Small footprint, table-top design
Perfect for small production runs and lab use
No warm-up time needed, plug in and it's ready to seal tubes right away
No water requirement
Single phase, 110v power (no 3-phase power required)
Needs only a very small air compressor for air requirements

electriceye of tube sealer machine ultrasonic plastic tubes

Specifications of multi holders ultrasonic tubes sealing machines
Dimensions: 35.5" high, 20" wide, 25.5" long
Weight: 175lbs (79 kg)
Tube Length: 1" - 10"
Tube Diameter: 10mm - 57mm
Electrical: 110v, single-phase, 60 Hz
Air Requirements: 0.7 - 0.8 Mpa
Power: 1.6 KW
Ultrasonic Frequency: 20 Khz

up-close details of tube sealer machine ultrasonic plastic t

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