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Filling machine for cream paste

tubes filling and sealing machine for high viscosity paste cream tube filler sealer with vacuum pumping system &heating mixing parts


Now Price:$17959.00


The rotary type tubes plastic &laminated type paste filling and sealing machine is equipped with 1 filling head and tubes arranging feeder.

Suitable for: plastic composite tube, aluminum-plastic composite tubes and metal tube (optional)

Applications of tubes filling and sealing machine:

Cosmetics, light industry (daily chemical), pharmaceutical, food and other industries, used for the selection of hoses for enterprise products, which can be used to fill materials such as ointments, creams, gels or viscosity fluids. Inside the tube, then fold the end of the hose and print the code to produce the finished product.

batches samples sent from USA customer (3).jpg

batches samples sent from USA customer (1).jpg

materials for tubes.JPG

tubes samples (1).jpg

main feature of tubes filling and sealing machine model YX-FS60:

tubes filling machine.jpg

◆The transmission part is enclosed below the platform, which is safe and reliable, and has no pollution;
◆The filling and sealing part is installed in the semi-closed static-free outer frame visible cover above the platform, which is easy to observe, easy to operate and easy to maintain;
◆Stainless steel tact switch operating panel;
◆ slanted and straight-mounted tube silos, optional;
◆The curved armrest is equipped with a vacuum adsorption device. After the armrest interacts with the pressure tube device, the hose is fed into the upper tube workstation;
◆ Photoelectric benchmarking workstation, with high-precision probe, stepper motor and other control hose pattern in the correct position;
◆At the end of the injection, the air blowing device blows off the paste tail;
◆ No tube is not filled;
◆The sealing temperature is internally heated by the (Leister hot air gun), and the external cooling and cooling device is arranged;
◆ The type code workstation automatically prints the word at the position required by the process;
◆The plastic manipulator cuts the tail of the hose into a right angle or a rounded corner for selection;
◆Failure alarm, overload shutdown;
◆ Counting and quantitative downtime;

Technical Parameters of high viscosity paste filling sealing tubes machine:

name plate for YX-FS60.jpg

YX-FS60 tubes filler and sealer.jpg

Touch screen.jpg

Item Specification
 1  tube materials  plastic tubes/laminated tubes/metal tubes
 2  filling volume  5ml-250ml/tube(Adjustable)
 3  filling precision  1%(or less than)
 4  output capacity  45tube per minute
 5  tube diameter  ø10mm-Ø50mm
 6  max tube length  220mm
7 power source 220v/380v/50-60hz
8 air pressure 0.55mpa-0.65mpa
 9 auxiliary motor  1.1KW
10 thermosealing power 3.0KW
11 overall dimension(LXWXH)  2000*900*1500
12 weight of tubes filling sealing machine 850KG

Basic configruation of tubes filling and sealing machine model YX-FS60:

name plate for YX-FS60.jpg

tubes filling machine.jpg


Frequency Changer      DELTA     TAIWAN

Touch Screen     DELTA      TAIWAN

Encoder     Omron     JAPAN 

Hot Air Generator      Leister      Switzerland 

Thermometer MODE      DELTA     TAIWAN

Proximity switch      SICK    GERMANY

Color Code Sensor    PANASONIC     JAPAN 

Air Pressure Control System    Omron     JAPAN 

Change Speed Motor       LIMING     TAIWAN

Main Pneumatic component      SMC    JAPAN

Air-break switch     CHNT     CHINA

Emergency Switch     Schneider   FRANCE

Power switch    Schneider      FRANCE 

Power lock      Schneider      FRANCE 

Power indicator      Schneider      FRANCE 

Ac contactor       Schneider      FRANCE

Material contact parts      316L Stainless Steel 316    CHINA  

Auxiliary equipment water chiller for tubes filling and sealing machine:

water chiller.jpg

Chiller water cycle

Microcomputer PLC control system, automatically control of whole units with error correcting operation system.

Original "SCHNEIDER" electrical components, and stability and durability guaranteed.

Built-in titanium tube water tank evaporator, avoid solid and other metal impurities.

Various models designed for different laser equipments. Water temperature tolerance at ±1℃(even±0.1℃) by precise digital control system. With push button operation, work normally without professional personnel.

Easy installation and compatible with equipments in any height.

High efficiency heat exchanger in special design, and static spraying casing with compact size.

Technical parameters of water chiller equipment:

power of compressor :0.95KW

cooling capacity:2.85KW

Pump power:0.25KW

Refri gerant:R22

Power supply:2P-220V/50HZ

Tubes holders for different sizes of tubes requires as the changing tools:

TUBE HOLDERS other parts (2).jpg

Mixing part in the hopper illustration &heating part in the paste hopper:

tubes machine with feeding system.jpg


heating part for tube filler penglai.jpg

Finished samples for tubes filled and sealed by model YX-FS60:

tubes samples (2).jpg

tubes filling sealing finished tubes samples.jpg

Wooden case packging for model YX-FS60 tubes filling and sealing machine:

wooden case packaging.jpg

wooden case for tubes filler and sealer (2).jpg

wooden case for tubes filler and sealer (6).jpg

LOADING truck for filler and sealer.jpg

Annotation: What is the tubes filling and sealing machine?

Tube filling and sealing machine is an equipment to fill polyethylene and laminated tubes with gels, creams or other fluids, seal them with hot air, stamp the tail of tube with date and / or batch No.


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