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Boxes sealing machine
Transparent tapes sealing machine for cookie cans snack boxes automatic linear type round boxe sealer closing equipment

The tape sealing cookie cans or snack boxes machine runs stably, easy to operate and maintain

Save labor costs and speed up production

The cookie cans sealing machine is suitable for all kinds of round, square, equilateral hexagon, heart-shaped plastic boxes, tin boxes, tinplate cans and other cans that need tape sealing.

It is an ideal equipment for snack food biscuits, chocolate, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other enterprises.

The machine uses to seal the cans the Boxing sealing tape which has the features as follow:

snack boxes cookie cans sealer (6).jpg

snack boxes cookie cans sealer (7).jpg

The tape is a pressure-sensitive tape used for closing or sealing corrugated fiberboard boxes. It consists of a pressure-sensitive adhesive coated onto a backing material which is usually a polypropylene or polyester film which is oriented to have strength in both the long (machine) direction and the cross direction.

Most often, the tape is 48 mm (approx 2 inches) wide but it is also used in 72 mm (approx 3-inch) widths.

A variety of backing strengths and calipers as well as adhesive formulations are available.

It is often transparent or tan (beige, buff, brown). Other colors and printing are sometimes available.

The tape can be applied manually with a stationary dispenser but is more often applied with a hand-held tape dispenser: this allows the user

to more efficiently place the tape on the box, cut it off, and rub it down.

Automated machinery for application of tape to high-speed lines is also common.

Basic parameters of tape cans sealing machine

snack boxes cookie cans sealer (5).jpg

snack boxes cookie cans sealer (2).jpg

Sealing number: 1

Output: 20-30 cans/min

Appearance size: length 2.33 * width 0.98 meters * height 1.65 meters

Working Pressure : 0.6Mpa

Power supply: AC220V 50HZ 1.2KW

Jar specifications: diameter 70mm-150mm, large diameter 150-300mm

Sealing height:50-200mm

Weight: 180kg

snack boxes cookie cans sealer (3).jpg