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Singaporian customer ordered model YX-630AA wine bottle labeling machine with bottles turntable feeding system
Date: 2015-06-01 19:43:18    Published by: PENGLAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION

Mr Wilson before chinese national holiday placed the order on one(1*)set of labeling machines semi automatic model YX-RL25

for his red wines and transparent labels . In order to customize the machine according to the labels&bottles we asked our customer singaporean

to send us the bottles&transparent labels .

Thus he sent us the samples via DHL finally we got the samples while the process were so complicated due to the red tape from china custom .

The unfrequent story is as follow : the customer told me the samples sent to us on about 27th Sept.If it was calculated for the processing one day should

have arrived at our factory.Sorrowly in fact until the eve of our long national holoday i got nothing only to be notified from the DHL courier company that

you have one bill of parcel was detained in custom due to less valution in declearance .

samples shipped for YX-RL25 wine bottle labeling machine aut

On one side the customer urged me to speed up the production ; the other side the custom pended our samples : the ridiculous reason will have been that

the undervalution of the samples was written in the Commercial invoice . I called the custom and asked for a look at the Commercial invoice from customer :

It reads 30USD$ for one bottles Monavie bottles! my God you cannot imagine the stupidity and greedity from the custom exused on the undervalution of goods!

30USD$ for one empty bottles ! in fact 3RMB can buy one in market !

customs explanation letter for sample bottles and labels for

if something happened you must endure and moved one ! we had no way but paid high tax and made a new decleration and stamp-faxed it .On the end we through

thick and thin we obtained the samples! about this rare case it proved again the truth : Never export or import the goods before china holiday because these "gentlmen"

in custom want and desire to ointment some oil from their people in order to live some following luxury free days!

air waybill for the bottle samples and labels for YX-RL25 wi

Samples of bottles&transparent labels from Wilson

bottle samples for YX-RL25 wine bottle labeling machine auto

transparent label sample roll for YX-RL25 wine bottle labeli

It ticked the 4th Oct when we got the samples ,and followingly urgent we started to adjust our machine with the bottles.

one day later the machine model YX-RL25 red wine bottles labeling machine were ready!

below is the basic video of testing for our customer


But before sending the video to our customer Wilson he called me asking that the machine should be changed into the automatic

red wine labeling machines . so we recommend one of our best-selling machine model YX-630AA transparent labeling

machinery for him .In order to meet his requirements we had to customize the machine to avoid labeling the joint line

due to the labeling process.Below is the sucessfully video for that :


but our customer after watching the video and pictures of machine told us he did not want the kind with manual putting bottles

and sensoring to avoid to label the joint line .so we thought over and over and tested again and again ; finally we solved it with

the sensor installed with the conveyor belt near the bottles labeling to sensor the bottom of red wine so that during labeling

it can avoid labeling the joint line .below is the video and pictures for this solution :

electric eye of YX-RL25 wine bottle labeling machine automat


Again another question were aroused from our customer: "i do not want to use my hand to put the red wine bottles on

the conveyor belt,so how to deal with it"? " it should have been equipped with the bottles feeding system at the start

of bottles labeling machine" we feedback . Therefore we prepared for the whole drawing of the model YX-630AA bottles

labeling machines with bottles feeding system ,which is displayed as below:

3D drawing of YX-RL25 wine bottle labeling machine automatic

schematic diagram of YX-RL25 wine bottle labeling machine au

After all we finally finished manufacturing of labeling machine automatic with bottles feeding system model YX-630AA whose tested video

is listed as below :


After browsing the video for trial-running the labeling machinery model YX-630AA our customer let us wooden crate the machines

and prepare for the air freight from china to Singapore .so we packed the machine in standard level for air freight

wooden case packaging of YX-RL25 wine bottle labeling machin

Yesterday the goods arrived at singapore airport .our customer took our fascimile  B/L and stamped

documents like packing list and commercial invoice to clear the custom .Today the

customer called us for a notice that our machine has been already running very well ! Thanks The Heaven,everything

is finally done !

Here is the instruction video for how to operate the machine automatic vertical labeling from A to Z