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South Asia
Pakistan Hamed purchased water low viscosity lotion hand manually operated filling machine semi automatic lotion filler
Date: 2015-06-05 21:22:43    Published by: PENGLAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION

our customer Mr Hamed from Karachi Pakistan recently ordered one(1*) set of manual filling machine
for perfume filling process .after bidding the deal our customer let us contact our customer
by offering us his friend's contact in Yiwu China for preparing the shipping of filling machine.
We imediately contacted our customer's friend Gulaub in China who paid the goods next day .
We begin today to send the goods via courier to the address in Yiwu when our financial department
confirmed the receiving of payment for the filling machine model YX-I .

Below there is the basic information for this sucessfuly international business cooperation:

Bank copy for manual filling machine model YX-A

bank transfer for manual liquid filler machine.jpg

Testing run of manual filling machine model YX-A

Packaging of manual filling machine semi automatic liquid filler

packaging for manual liquid filler machine.jpg

Delivery of machines to the warehouse in Zhejiang pro vince Yiwu City

delivery address for manual liquid filling machine.jpg

As below there listed for the description of manual filling machine liquid lotion filler equipment model YX-A

This type of manual filling machine is suitable for the medicine, the agricultural,chemicals, food,
cosmetic, the lubricating oil and so on  industry  bottles, tubes, cans,jars filling machine.
With simple structure, convenient operation, low prices and so on characteristic.It is the ideal
filling equipment  for small scale production .

side view of  hand operated lotion liquid filling

front view of hand operated lotion liquid filling

Woking mode manual operate
Working speed 20-30 per min
Filling range 0-50ml
Filling nozzle diameter 7mmx8mm(inner diameter and outer diameter)
Filling accurate ±1%
Hopper volume 10kg
Machine size 270×270×700mm
Machine weight 10KG

Other details on model YX-A manual liquid filling machine

hopper of hand-operated manual lotion liquid filling machine

Hopper for filling machine that hold filling materials (from 10L to 20L)


down view of the hand operated lotion liquid filling machine

handle&filling nozzles of manual filling machine

full view of hand operated low viscocity  lotion liquid  fil


front shot for manual filling machines


side view of low viscocity  hand operated lotion liquid fill

Side shot of manual filling machines


instruction manual of hand operated lotion liquid filling ma

Notice marking&manual instruction of small filling machine


After-sales service for manual filling machines

after-sales services of the hand operated low viscocity  lot