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CompanySHENZHEN PENGLAI Industrial Corporation Limited

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North America
Sealing machines semi automatic fully auto sealer machine for tubes bottles bags cans
Date: 2015-05-29 21:30:27    Published by: PENGLAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION

Sealing machines automatic or semi automatic for bottles containers or various products are the main machines

from PENGLAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION LIMTED ,Which has been already sold to many countries in the world

below are the basic videos for the trial run of the machines for our customers ,classified by continents:


1.Sealing machines sold to America countries like USA/Jamaika/Mexico/Brasil ETC


For USA customers :continuous sealing machines plastic bags semi ink printing Selladora Contínua Para Sacos Plásticos


For Canada customers :manual semi automatic easy open cans metal container sealing machines máquina sellado las latas


For Brasil customer :portable Electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine Hand-held Sealer Dichtungsmaschine


2.Sealing machines sold to Europe countries like Bosonia/Italy/Poland/Germany ETC

For Germany customers:Ultrasonic plastic tubes cosmetic pharmaceutical sealing machine high technology sealer `֥`C



For Poland customers :hand operated sealing machine for easy open can simple sealer machine for metal cans ختم الآلة


For Bosnia customers :fully automatic flaps folding carton sealer Full auto case sealing machine auto box sealing machine


3.Sealing machines sold to Africa countries like Nigeria/Algeria/Kennya ETC

For Nigerian customers:rotary bottle aluminum foil sealing machine manual feeding system semi automatic alum foil sealer


For Algerian customers:pharmaceutical paste tubes cream tube sealing machine ultrasonic sealer equipment welding machinery


For Kennya customers :plastic bags continuous sealing machine semi automatic film bag sealer equipment manual


4.Sealing machines sold to Asia-pacific countries like Austria/Japan/Saudi Arabia ETC

For Australia customes:Fully automatic L-sealer shrinking machine with speed 1700ph L type sealing shrink packing machine


For Japan customers:Bowl vacuum sealing machine for fast food packaging semi automatic vacuum seamer Dichtungs-Maschine


For Saudi Arabia customers:pneumatic sealing machine semi automatic for metal cans easy open can sealer equipment


Workshop and manufacturing of sealing machines from PENGLAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION LIMITED

workshop of sealing machines.jpg