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North America
Labeling machines automatic and semi automatic bottle container labeler equipment label applicators
Date: 2015-05-29 21:04:21    Published by: PENGLAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION

Labeling machines automatic or semi automatic for bottles containers or various products are the main machines

from PENGLAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION LIMTED ,Which has been already sold to many countries in the world

below are the basic videos for the trial run of the machines for our customers ,classified by continents:

1.labeling machines sold to asia countries like Malaysian/Indonesia/Indian/Jordan/Israel ETC

For Malaysian customers :fresh keeping film labeling machines automatic daily commodity packing machine à étiquettes



For Indonesian customers :round cans glass plastic bottles labeling semi auto manual labeller botella máquina de etiquetado



For India customers:Semi automatic labeling machine manual bottle labeling machine Machine à étiqueter semi-automatique



2.labeling machines sold to American countries like USA/CANADA/MEXICO/COLUMBIA/URAGUAY ETC

For USA customers:double sides labeling machine automatic cosmetic food pharma doppia macchina etichettatrice lati


For Canada customers:plane flat surface non sticker double sides labeling equipments machine semi automatique d'étiquette


For Uraguay customers:syringe labeling machine semi automatic manual labeler for pharmaceutical injection liquid container


3.labeling machines sold to African countries like South Africa/Nigeria/Algerian ETC

For South african customers:shrink sleeve label machine for drinking bottles milk cups high speed shrinkage labeler equipments


4.labeling machines sold to EU countries like GERMANY/UK/FRENCH/AUSTRIA ETC

For Germany customers:double bottles feeding hopper horizontal labeling machine ampoule Pharmazeutische Etikettiermaschine


5.labeling machines sold to Oceania countries like Australia/FIJI/New Zealand ETC

For austrian customers :round bottles unscrambler turntable vertical labeling machine auto bouteille machined'étiquetage


The packaging for labeling machines with standard export crates :

packaging and shipping of Labeling machines automatic or sem

For more information about labeling machinery visit our business tubes channal at as well as business website at