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Syringe Labeling Machine
YX-L60T semi auto round bottle labelling machine with date coder round item labeler

Feature of labeling machine semi automatic with date printer:


1, Applicable scope, can meet 10-100 mm diameter range of cylindrical considerate scale
2, High accuracy of labeling, the acuities of label head to tail connect local just reache + / - 0.5 mm
3, The clever extrusion type device feeding, just need to place the pieces,it can automatically labeling
4, The jockey for position type adjustment, different workpiece labels switching simple
5, Adopt the synchronous belt traction, mechanical stability is greatly improved
6, Desktop design, the structure is simplified, appearance compact, powerful
7, Using the anodic oxidation of aluminium alloy stents and advanced computer white box, the beauty is generous
8, Using advanced electric eye, the object, the label high detection sensitivity

9,Labeling and printing combined in one machine,it can print the production date,batch number,valid time and other words on each label accuratlly,and then label it on the round bottle.

 semi automatic round bottle labeling machine with date code

Specification of Semi Automatic Round Bottle Labeling and Printing Machine/Round Bottle Label and Printer Machine:

Model YX-L60T

Accuracy: ±0.5mm 
Speed: 25 - 50pcs per minute 
Available Bottle OD : 10 ~ 150mm 
Label Width: 8 ~ 150mm 
Label Length: 15 ~ 315mm 
Label Roll ID: 76mm 
Max. OD of Label Roll: 250mm 
Power Supply: 220/110V 50/60Hz 
Power Rating: 120W 
Dimension: 650×450×450mm


Date printer as an optional equipment for labeling machinery 

FAQ about the Date printer:

1        About code printer: Chinese&enlish character, arabic number Roman letter (ifyou have th special requirements it can be customized)

2        two sizes of printer letters2*3mm &1.5*3mm

3        code printer can printer 3 lines ,16 letters for each line

4        the syringe labeling machine YX-SL25 can label the syringe with the min diameter of 8mm,therefore after analyzing your drawings there is no problem about the labeling syringe. the labeling accuracy is ±0.5m

5        The working principle for transparent label is thus illustrated: 1.the materials of foil ,if the foil is the transparent ,then it must be equipped with the transparent label light sensor; 2. if the foil is not transparent,it can stop and sensor the label by the common light sensor as long as to dot the hole in the label during making the label. the labels from you with the untransparent foil is okay for our syringe labeling machine.

6        Above all ,the machine is the best choice for you to label.

7        The manual operation cannot be released until our customer places the order.Sorry that is our company's rule,which is only kept by the engineer team and our sales department cannot have it.

 labelled samples by semi automatic round bottle labeling mac

More information  about syringe labeling machine for 3ml/5ml/10ml syringes, please browse our business site :

 There are other models of labeling machine equipped with the date coding function like the syringe labeling machine model YX-SL25 which is displayed as below in pictures&videos:


date coding system of semi automatic round bottle labeling m

Syringe labeling machine semi automatic with date coding printing machinery for our Israel customers

Packaging including: 

main machine x 1pc

fuse x 3pcs

user manual x 1pcs

quality certificate x 1pc



Lead time: within 5 days

Packaging: strengthen carton and foam

Warranty: one year for whole machine, life time technical support

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