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Tabeltop Printer
YX-HP28 Manual Color Ribbon Hot Printing Machines small semi automatic hand operated code printer equipments digital hot stamping machinery


The color-tape printer use colour tape to replace ink roller printing, it can print an any soft packing materials with clear printing, and easy to dry and without sticking, convenient to changeletters, model.


This equiment is a desktop black belt dynamical equiment, it is widly used for food, drink and medicinal to type produce date and batch number. It bring in advanced black belt dynamical technology from Japan, adoption black belt instead of oilink. It can clarily type character on evey package materials(expect metal material). It is easy to work and expdienay maintenance.  

dies for Manual hand operated Color Ribbon Hot Printing Mach

Advatange: printing ribbon need to dry with clear printing words

3.special word-changing structure

4.movable type of loading and unloading

5.wide suitable material

6.easy maintainance

Technique parameter of Color Ribbon Hot Printing Machine small semi automatic hand code printer equipment digital stamping machinery:

full view of Manual hand operated Color Ribbon Hot Printing



suitable material

 plastic films,composite film bags,aluminum plastic,paper plastic,etc

heating pipe motor


coding speed


coding type

Arabic number,English,Chinese,etc

coding words Number

1--3 rows

heat coding type belt


pre-heating time


copper word size




Dimension (L*W*H)


Date coding is the marking of each product after production with a date. Every product produced on site has a batch and date code which allows each ingredient or part to be traced back to origin and makes each product fully traceable. Date coding is used in each branches from the pharma industry, food industry, automotive industry, electronic industry, cable industry to cosmetic industry and beverage industry. This can be either the date of manufacture or expiration, the Best Before date, the Sell-By date or the Use-By date. This dates serve the customer and the producer.

PAYMENT TERMS&After-sales Service for Date printing machines

trade terms and after-sales services of Manual hand operated




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