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ROPP Capping Machine

Plastic juice bottle caps lifting feeder capper equipment capping machine8574


Now Price:$18574.00


Notification prior to starting the bottles capping machine model YX-AC50 Automatic bottles capping machine with caps bulk elevator feeding system rotary type

1:Before the machine is plugged in, make sure the power switch is in the closed state, and then follow the instruction.

2:If the machine does not run in a long time, it should be wiped with a piece of dry cloth and must not be cleaned with any corrosive cleaning agent.

3:It is strictly prohibited to spurt any liquid into the electric box of the machine, so as to avoid corrosion to the internal electrical components and cause short circuit.

4:Check according to the equipment packing list models, specifications and quantity of the equipment and materials to make sure that they meet the requirements of design and product standards and accompanied by certificates of conformity.

5: Check the appearance of the equipment to make sure that it is free from any deformation, damage and corrosion, and all spindles that they should be flexibly rotating without any blockage.

6: This machine is working under single phase AC 110V, and the flat 3-legged power plug should be plugged into the power socket with a ground wire.

Technical Parameters of model YX-AC50 Automatic bottles capping machine with caps bulk elevator feeding system rotary plastic juice bottle caps lifting feeder capper equipment:

bottles capping machine with the caps loading system PENGLAI

Model YX-AC50
Capping speed:15-30 pieces/min
Rated voltage:110V/60Hz(US Standard)
Machine Power:0.8KW
Exterior dimension:2230*1460*1600  MM(L*W*H)
Air Pressure: 0.7 MPa
Weight: About 300 KG

Capping machine in details:

Caps bulking system.jpg

Capping head FOR SCREw CAPPER.jpg

Machinery capping in details.jpg




I.Structures of the machine:


Structure of the capping machinery.jpg 

Ⅱ. Optical fiber electric eye description

1.electric Eye to detect bottles:


Bottles eye sensor.jpg
►When it is operated in automatic mode, the purpose of this electric eye is to detect incoming
When the incoming bottle is detected, the "turntable" rotates.

2. Lid-delivery electric eye

Delivery electric Eye.jpg

►When it is operated in automatic mode, the purpose of this electric eye is to detect incoming covers.

    When the incoming lid is detected, the "taking-out mechanism" rises for taking material.

3. Lid-delivery electric eye


lid delivery mechanics.jpg

►When it is operated in automatic mode: The purpose of this electric eye is to detect incoming bottles.

    When the incoming bottle is detected, the "lock cap mechanism" rotates the lock cap downwards.

 Ⅲ.Switch button and wiring port.

 1.Touch screen and emergency stop

 Touch screen system.jpg
2.Feed motor and lid vibration plate controller

Plate controller system.jpg

Vibration plate controller

Plate controller system.jpg

Vibration plate controller: By adjusting the voltage, adjust the discharging speed.

 3.Power switch and sockets

power switch and sockets.jpg

 4.Motor controller

Motor controller.jpg 

Frequency transformer: By adjusting the frequency transformer button, adjust the motor speed.


Ⅳ.How to operate the model YX-AC50 rings sealing machine glass bottles capper equipment:.

Press the "Power Button" and the touch screen shows as follows:

touch screen for sealing machine.jpg

It is the boot picture and also the picture to select an operation language:

Click "English" to enter the following picture:


The picture also has the following functions:

    1, Start up the equipment. When the equipment is in the normal standby mode, click 360截图20160706145641203.jpg and then it shows

"AUTO" equipment is in a readiness state, then clickstart.jpg, and the equipment will be in an operation state.

Note: if the equipment is still in the standby state, check the prompt below the screen, eliminate the alarm as required and then it will be normally started.

2, Output setting, output zero clearing. Click clear.jpg to clear the current output and the equipment will be started counting from 0.

3, Empty the remaining materials on the turntable. After the completion of the products to be completed, if there are still remaining materials in the turntable, click operation.jpg to clear bottles in the turntable.

Clickoperation.jpg to enter the following picture.

manue for sealing.jpg

This column screen is for manual debugging

Only when360截图20160706145641203.jpg shows “Man”, buttons in the picture are valid.


ClickParameter.jpg to enter the following picture:


This picture is used for setting of the process parameters.

Incoming bottles detection time: when bottles are induced in the bottle-mouth, delay the time before the cylinder moves to block later bottles.

Glanding time: when the caps are pressed on the bottle mouth, stay at the time and loosen up.

Cap locking time: when the cap locking motor is pressured on the bottle mouth, stay at the time and loosen the motor up.

Alarm and trouble-shooting method:

1、Emergency stop has been pressed. Push the emergency stops on the machine cap and next to the touch screen.

2、The output reaches the set value. Set the output, press the clear button to clear the current output.

3、When caps are not detected for a long period of time, please check. Check the bottle cap induction fiber as to whether it is well provided. Check whether caps are in place or not.

4、When bottles are not detected for a long period of time, please check. Check as to whether bottles are in place.

Electric eye adjusting:  1.  Amplifier structure

amplifier structure.jpg

Diagram for Optical fiber:

Amplifier structure diagram.jpg

1.Optical fiber lock bar 2.Operating status indicator

3.Set  4. DSC indicator light

5.Digital monitor 6.Manual button

7.Extended protection cover 8.Expansion connector

9.Power Selector Switch 10. Mode button

11.Output selector 12.Cables

13.Dust protector 14.Set value (In green)

15.current value (In red)

Working process for the fiber optical setting:

Step one: When the electric eye falls in the gap, the red current value is 144.
Step two: When the electric eye falls on the label, the red current value is 4.
Step three: Adjust the set value",about 1/2 of the value that the electric eye is on the body paper (in the gap between the objects to be detected) and the value that the electric eye is on the paper
the set value is (144+4)/2=74, adjust the manual button to adjust the set value to be 74.

Step four: Move the label gap back and forth in the electric eye location and the red “signal light/indicator light”.

Note:Alarm and its treatment method

1.Emergency stop alarm: When the emergency stop is pressed, the screen displayEmergency stop.jpg, press any button of the device at this time, the failure state will appear. After confirming that the device can start normally, unscrew the emergency stop knob and the device can start normally.

2.When the production has arrived, please clearClear Button.jpg; when the production count is greater than the set production, press  button, the production count shows zero. Now the equipment can start normally.


.Circuit Diagram of model YX-AC50 Bottles capping machine

Circuit diagram for bottles capping.jpg

Circuit diagram for capping.jpg

Circuit diagram for capping.jpg

.Maintenance on model YX-AC50 Bottles capping machine

rotary filling pressing capping sealing machine.jpg

1、It is necessary to check and maintain the machine to elongate the machine and optimize the function of machine;

The working machine should be maintained every three month; The bearing and gear transmission part must be lubricated with the grease; The lubrication must be done periodically; The slide way oil (N68) should be added into the part like reciprocating mechanism motion or lifting two times every day; The automobile oil(N68) should be added into the rotary or swinging parts; Every half month add the grease into the cam slot; Every month one time for oil nozzle by adding the grease;

2 Never use metal tools to hit or scrape the surface where the bonding is conglomerated on the parts like components or mold.

3.If the machine stops running for a long time add the grease for lubrication in the parts like transmission or bearing part; Also treat the machine with water-proof protection。

4 Never put any objects on the machine lest it damage the machine.

5. Clean the dust inside the components periodically also check all the screws and fix any screw loosened.

6. Check the screws in the terminals for wiring at a certain time and be sure the screw is fixed;

7.Check if there be any loose station in the stretched wiring path from the electric boxes ; If the part is too loose re-fix the screw in order to avoid the abrasion or damage in the insulation layer which may cause the electric leakage;

8. Check the easily-worn pats and change the damaged one on time;


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