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South-Eastern Asia
Indonesian customer ordered YX-41AA semi automatic electric can sealing seaming machine
Date: 2015-05-04 20:17:42    Published by: PENGLAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION

Mr Servi from Jakarta bought one (1*)set of cans sealing machine semi automatic model YX-41AA .

Firstly our Indonesian customer contacted us via email then choosed the more convenient way WECHAT ( Chinese-style Whatsapp)

to communicate with each other .


Contact us via Wechat/Whatsapp :008615811882441

Photo Details of YX-41AA can sealing machine

sealing head of can sealer.jpg

drawing machines.jpg

Finally our customer wired the RMB into our company account then let us deliver the goods to his warehouse in Baiyun District

Guangzhou City as soon as we finish manufacturing the sealing machines .

After we finished the sealing machine we notified our customer at the first time and send him the test video link via our Business Youtube Channal


our youtube channel.jpg

Here is the samples sent from our customer Mr Servi in Indonesia

metal can samples sent by customer.jpg

The testing video before delivering the machines to the warehouse

After getting postive feedback from our customers we wooden case packaged the machine the final packaging pictures

plus the delivery to the warehouse are given as below :

wooden case packing for sealing capper equipment.jpg

wooden case packing and shipping of YX-41AA can sealing mach

Sealing machines loaded in the truck car for delivery to the warehouse

warehouse receipt of the YX-41AA can sealing machine.jpg

Below is the basic description of model YX-41AA Cans sealing machines

Product introduction on pets/metal cans sealing capping machines semi automatic model YX-41AA:

1.This semi automatic can sealing machine is suitable for all kinds of iron, plastic, glass, paper cans.For the capping of the  tinplate cover, aluminum cover,pop can cover capping. 


2.Reliable Quality, simple and convenient operation. This semi automatic can sealing machine is an ideal equipment for the  food, drinks, tea and other industries essential.


3.Customzied service for this semi automatic can sealing machine is available. According to customer different can size.


4.This semi automatic can sealing machine is suitable for small capacity production, economice price.


Basic parameter ofBeer tin cans sealing machine container screw capping machine metal drinking bottles capper equipment stainless steel cans sealer capper machinery 




220V 50/60Hz 0.37KW

Suitable diameter

Φ50--Φ200mm (can customized)

Suitable height

Φ50--Φ220mm (can customized)

Working speed 




Net Weight



 Packaging list for model YX-41AA Cans sealing machines

packing list for Servi.png



@before delivery,machine be tested and adjusted at our factory

@English operation manual and relative spare parts offer

@English operation interface

@delivery term:30% of the amount in advance,finish machine within 25 working days,delivery after the balance paid

@after-sale service:1 year guarantee period and lifetime maintenance,as to the fee,damage not caused by personal and within the guarantee period,fix it up for free,otherwise,for charge