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Cartoning&Overwrapping Machine

Automatic Cling Film Packing Machine for Wrapping Vegetables &fruits with/out Trays


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This machine cling film wrapper for fruits vegetables is our newest design for packing vegetables and fruits by trays with film wrapping. Machine is very popular for suppliers of fruit and vegetables. Especially for supermarkets. It’s a fully electricity controlled equipment. And it is made of 304 stainless steel. One machine just need one operator to operate the machine. Saving labor and high efficiency. This machine can pack almost all kinds of fruits and vegetables, such as, vegetables like: tomato, carrot, cherry tomato, cucumber, cabbage, lotus roots, spinach, celery. fruits like: apples, pears, peach, lemon, oranges, strawberry, ect. In addition, it also works for other materials, such as, meat, dried fruits, soaps, ect.

Besides this machine works for all types of plastic wrap (PVC/PE) It can pack food with or without trays of different shapes,such as round, hexagonal, etc.
automatic cling film packaging line.jpg
► The main structure of the device:
The equipment is mainly composed of the main frame, automatic film sealing system, constant temperature heating system, cling film conveying system, cling film stretching system, gravity induction conveying system and touch screen control
machine drawing of cling film packing.png
Fully automatic workflow:
Turn on → Click to agree to comply with the safety matters → Click on the run
page-start mode-set to automatic mode →
Click on the tray to select the name of the product to be packaged and click OK →
click on the label to select the name of the product to be labeled and click OK → put in the packaged product → the device starts to run automatically →
Put in the next packaged product → Packaging is complete → Remove product →Put in the next packaged product → Packaging is complete → Remove product →
Put in the next packaged product → Packaging is complete → Remove product → (Start the endless loop with the second packaged product as the starting point);

Technical parameters of automatic cling film wrapping machine:

Model YX-AFW220
Automatic Cling Film Wrapping Machine
Technical specs    Display    10.2-inch TFT color touch screen (screen ratio 16:9)
    Display resolution    1024×600
    Operation method    Mechanical buttons + high-precision touch operation
Operational Environment    Power Specifications    AC 220V/50Hz
    Power    1400W
    Operating temperature    5℃-35℃
    Working humidity    10%-90%RH (no condensation)
Packing specs    Capacity    25PCS/MIN
    Packing  length    120-350mm
    Packing  width    95-220mm
    Packing  height    10-130mm
    Packing  weight    50-4500g
    Roll Film width    350-550mm
    Roll Film diameter    ≤160mm
Machine Size    Main machine    L1679* W1014* H1372mm 275kg
    Conveyor line    L1502* W300* H707mm 32kg
Plywood crates dimensions    Main machine    L1310* W1080* H1510mm 345kg
    Conveyor Line    L560* W680* H880mm 52kg
packaged fruits on the conveyor belt.jpg
Product samples processed by tray film wrapper:
packaging samples.jpg

wrapping samples.jpg

product samples for wrapping.jpg
Weight check + labeling Equipment
The products are transported to the weighing check station - the real time printing labeling machine is connected to the back end of the weighing check section.

Equipment workflow
The product enters the "weight check machine" from the previous station.
1. The product enters the "weighing section" of the weighing machine: the weighing system quickly detects the weight of the product and transmits the real-time weight to the customer's system; at the same time, the system automatically records information such as product quantity and total weight.
2. The customer's system transmits the content to be printed to the "printer" and the printer prints the label.
3. Finally, the label is affixed to the customer's product through the "labeling machine"
Machine Features:
Strong versatility: The standardized structure of the whole machine and the standardized human-machine interface can complete the weighing of various materials;
Easy operation: Use WEINVIEW human-machine interface, fully intelligent and user-friendly design; the conveyor belt is easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to install and maintain, and easy to clean;
Adjustable speed: Using variable frequency control motor, the speed can be adjusted as needed;
High speed, high precision: Using high-precision digital sensors, the sampling speed is fast and the precision is high;
Zero point tracking: manual or automatic zero clearing, and dynamic zero point tracking;
Report function: Built-in report statistics, reports can be generated in EXCEL format, and can automatically generate a variety of real-time data reports.
The external USB interface can be plugged into a USB flash drive to export data in real time to keep track of the production status at any time; it provides a factory parameter setting recovery function and can store a variety of formulas, making it easy to change product specifications;
Interface function: Reserved standard interface, data is easy to manage, and can be connected with PC and other intelligent devices;
Self-learning: There is no need to set parameters after creating new product formula information. Use the self-learning function to automatically set suitable parameters for the equipment and store them for easy recall when switching products next time. (Parameter storage entries are 2000, which can be increased).

Technical Specs
details of  labels printing machine.jpg
Model    YX-PL520
Power supply    AC220V±10% 50HZ(60HZ)
Rated power    0.5KW
Single weighing range    ≤3000g
Weighing accuracy range    ±0.5g~±2g
Minimum scale    1g
Transfer speed    30~80m/min
Conveyor belt height from ground    750mm±50mm
Weighing table conveyor belt size    Product incoming section 450mm(L)*300mm(W)
Weighing section 450mm(L)*300mm(W)
Labeling Section 900mm(L)*300mm(W)
Rejection method    Putter rejection
Control System    High-speed A/D sampling controller
Preset product number    2000 pieces
Operation direction    Facing the machine, enter left and exit right
working environment    Temperature: 0℃~40℃, humidity: 30%~95%
Body material    SUS304 stainless steel


Brand    Items    Specs    QTY
Weinview    Touchscreen     10 inch    1
ZHONGHANG    Sensor     75-100KG    4
Ormon    Switching Power Supply    S8JC-C100  24C    1
SUOMO    Main Control Switch     SLD2(3LD2-32A)    1
Siemens     Frequency Converter    V20 frequency converter ,Single Phase 220V, 0.75KW    1
STS    Motor    3 phases 220V       1
    Labeling Machine    Based on the label size to choose for the labeler    1
    Printer         1

Real Time Printing

real time printing.jpg

Machine Features

(1) Labeling speed: 20-35 PCS/MIN  (the size of the product and the time of data interaction will impact th e speed);
(2) Labeling accuracy: ±1mm (excluding product placement offset and label printing offset);
(3) Alarm messages displaying on touch screen
(4) The printing and labeling machine provides a communication protocol for development linkage by the software side (using TCP/IP communication protocol);

Technical specs of real time printing machine:
printing for labeling.jpg
Machine size     L100cm×W100 cm X H150cm   
Power    220V/50Hz    Single Phase
Air compressor    0.6mpa-0.8mpa    Compressed air flow (instantaneous) ≥120L/min
Applicable size    Customized    
Rated Power    ≈500W

Packaging Plywood crates

machine in wooden case.jpg

wooden case packaging.jpg

What Are the Working Principles Of the Cling Film Wrapping Machine?

automatic cling film wrapper.jpg
A cling film wrapping machine has a same working phenomenon like other wrapping machines. It only differs when the type of automation is either manual or automatic. The working principle of a cling film wrapping machine is as

All the external parameters of machines are to be checked at the first step. It can be temperature, pressure, electric supply, vacuum, film length and etc. All should be verified before the machine starts its operation.
Thermostats are there to maintain the temperature of hot plate depending upon the category of wrapping material used.
The film roll is also set according to the material which has to be wrapped and best fits the product.
Now when all the parameters are set, the machine is allowed to preheat for 5 to 10 minutes so that it can smoothly run from the first product.
Place the product on the cover plate and pull the film out to cover and wrap the product. In automatic process the machine itself performs this task.
Then cutoff the bar to cut the film to the desired length of product. After that the product is placed onto the teflon coated hot plate where the product will be completely wrapped and sealed in 3 to 5 minutes.
Airtight and sealed product is produced with efficiency and precision.


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