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Bags Labeling Machine
YX-FL02 flat bottle labeling machine semi automatic for transparent&Opaque labels customized labeler equipment for plane objects containers flat bottles labeling machines semi-auto for transparent&Op

Use: YX-FL02 semi-automatic flat labeling machine achieve semi-automatic labeling the adhesive label or adhesive film on the flat surface of the products.


Effect: improve labeling efficiency, accuracy and quality and stability; Avoid many problems such as low efficiency of labor labeling, skew labeling, bubble, wrinkle, irregular labeling etc;

            Lower product cost effectively and make the product more beautiful which lead the product to be more competitive.


Scope applicable:

semi auto bench top flat item labeler.jpg

*Label applicable: adhesive labels; adhesive films; electronic supervision code, bar code etc.

*Product Applicable: The flat products which must be labeled with paper label or film label on the surface;

*Industries applicable: Widely used in Chemical, Electric, Medicine, Plastic, and Cosmetic industries etc.

*Application examples: SD card labeling, aluminum bag labeling, plastic bag labeling etc.

Specification of labeling machine semi automatic customized labeler equipment model YX-FL02:

component names of semi auto bench top labeler.jpg

Labeling Samples for flat bottles semi automatic custome labeling equipment

labelled final products by semi auto bench top flat item lab