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Ultrasonic tubes Sealing

ultrasound tube laminated plastic tubes sealing equipment ultrasonic sealer machinery semi automatic

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ultrasound tube laminated plastic tubes sealing equipment ultrasonic sealer machinery semi automatic

ultrasonic tubes sealing machine.jpg


Model YX-005 Ultrasonic Tube Sealer can weld the tail of soft tube. It's wildly used in cosmetic, toothpaste, commodity, medicine, chemical, and other types of tube tail sealing. 


2. Ultrasonic Tube Sealer view: 


part names of ultrasonic tubes sealing machine.jpg

 3.Special  Function of Ultrasonic Tube Sealer 

special functions of ultrasonic tubes sealing machine.jpg

4.Main features
1. Easy to operate and maintain.

2.Automatic positioning, welding, cutting and trimming, printing code in one time. 
3.. Stainless steel machine body, strong and beautiful,

4,The machine small enough to be put on worktable.

5. Sealing mould can be customized according to customer requirements. Can seal many size of tubes. 
6. Ultrasonic Sealing Machine power source for the pneumatic, working steady, not easy to damage, customers can rest assured use. 
7. Ultrasonic frequency can meet international standard, no harmful to human being or environment

8. Ultrasonic Tube Sealer can be work in time, not need wait the heat time .

5.  Ultrasonic Tube Sealer Package :

wooden packing of ultrasonic tubes sealing machine.jpg

6.Spare parts list from Model YX-005 Ultrasonic tubes sealing machine :

spare parts of ultrasonic tubes sealing machine.jpg

accessories of ultrasonic tubes sealing machine.jpg

7.Basic parameter of model YX-005 Plastic tubes sealer equipment semi automatic:

Application: toothpaste, cosmetics, medicines, food, industrial supplies,

applications of ultrasonic tubes sealing machine.jpg







Ultrasonic power:


Power Voltage 


Output power


Length of tube


   sealing Dia

10-80 mm 

Time adjust:

Electronic adjust



H.S code:


Pack size 

1050×760×790mm(0.33 CBM)


Plywood wooden case 


8.FAQ about Model YX-005 Ultrasound plastic tubes sealing equipment:

full view of ultrasonic tubes sealing machine.jpg

1.If i order this machine , how to operation it ?

Answer:  Ultrasonic Tube Sealer  is easy and simple operation, you just connect the electricity , and air compress machine

2.About Guarantee:

Answer: one year. The supplier can replace only the elements that are imperfect for material or handwork. Replacement is free. All imperfect elements have to be delivered within 12 months (carriage paid). Guarantee excludes every worn or torn parts. Replacement handwork is excluded and it will be done by the buyer. The supplier is not responsible for any rewards for, damages or last earnings met by buyer. Guarantee is not valid if the machine is used the wrong way or it is not serviced as shown in our technical handbook.

3.Do you have other model ?

Answer: Of course . we have semi-automatic type (YX-005) and Automatic filling and sealing machine for you .Please view our Home page .

4.What is the power supply?

Answer : we can design according to your inquiry . usually it is :220V/ 1 phase . 110V/single phase.

5.Is this machine need mould ?

Answer: yes it need mould . The machine will one pc welding mould free in charge.

Besides the ultrasonic tubes sealing machines there are other sealing machines for either plastic bags or tubes sealing process . Below

are some video for the testing of machine sealing different :

1.Model YX-125 Ultrasonic tubes sealing machine


2.Model YX-H1000/V1000 plastic bags sealing machine

3.model YX-S1000 Manual sealing machine for box trays


4.Model YX-S2000 Induction sealing machine desktop


5.Model YX-41AA Metal caps sealing machine electric


After sales service: After sales service shall be done by the buyer.


PENGLAI machine will provide all kinds of technical support to the buyer

by telephone, fax or e-mail free of charge.But any service cost to 

buyer's country is not included.

Guarantee: one year. The supplier can replace only the elements

that are imperfect for material or handwork.Replacement is free and ex factory.

All imperfect elements have to be delivered within 12 months (carriage paid). 

Guarantee excludes every worn or torn parts. Replacement handwork is 

excluded and it will be done by the buyer. 

The supplier is not responsible for any rewards for, 

damages or last earnings met by buyer. 

Guarantee is not valid if the machine is used the wrong way 

or it is not serviced as shown in our technical handbook.


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