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Filling machine for Liquid

Oral liquid ampoule bottles vials solution filling machine small tabletop type lab use quantitative chemical pharmacy filler equipment


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Oral liquid ampoule bottles vials solution filling machine small tabletop type lab use quantitative chemical pharmacy filler equipment


The liquid filling machine is designed in the structure of electric cranks as well as pistion which is widely appled to the pharmaceutical liquid agent filling like the pharmaceutical preparation 、eyedrop、ampoule bottles plus other liquid filling in quantitative  filling ; The liquid filler equipment,meanwhile,is  suitable for the liquid filling analysia of laboratory,especially for the Insecticide Factory from small to large scale .
Features of small bottles ampoule pharmaceutical liquid filling machine

A、automated quantative filling machine is choosed to fill various kinds of oils like lubricant oil edible oils.
B、The ampoule bottles liquid filling machine is characteristic of elegant appearance 、high precision in filling 、easy adjustability and operation etc.
1、Man-machine interface,direct setting the quantative filling volume;
2、PLC programm controlling system,Inverter to adjust the spped for linear filling;
3、volumetric flow meter in high accuracy for filling ;
4、Anti-dripping-leaking with the mechanical sealing plus vacuum backsucking ;

Basic parameter of Oral liquid ampoule bottles vials solution filling machine small tabletop type lab use quantity chemical pharmacy filler equipment:

pharma medical filling model YX-10G.jpg

pharmaceutical filling small quantity (2)filling liquid.jpg

YX-G10 Model
Voltage: 220V Power: 20W
Filling volume:0.2-10ml
Speed:adjustable up to 40bpm
Filling precision:±0.5%
Application:Liquid agent filling machine small equipment for ampoule bottles

How to operate the model YX-G10 series filling machine:

model YX-10G filler.jpg

small quantity filler.jpg

pharmaceutical filling.jpg

1.Firstly the machine must be connected with the earth wire,then choose the standard syringe for filling according to different filling volume. Generally speaking the filling volume ranges from 0.2ml-1ml then adopts the 1ml syringe;

1ml-5ml the 5ml syringe; 5ml-10ml the 10ml syringe;20ml-100ml then the 20ml-100ml Intubation tubes adopted(as well the stainless steel filling system can be chosed from our factory); More than 500ml our factory offers the customized steel filling system.

2.Pull out the syringe core,then apply a nut with the syringe core(Note:10ml filling volume due to the big different in diameter of syringe,the gasket should be adopted thus),fix the base with the nut. Syringe tubes must be cleansed when disassembled.

3.Apply the upper lock ring for the filling mouth,then fix the nuts(Note: screw the nut in a slight way lest the outer tube be easy to break);

4.Integrate the syringe core and outer parts into the whole set so the filling system is finished assebly;

5.Mark the arrow for the valve upward then fix the screw;

6.Aligh the whole filling system with the upper and lower fixed rod,applied for the bearing and make the syringe filling system in level with the bearing surface; Never let the nut touch the crank handle of machine when assemling the lower part lest the crank gives off the

noise when turning ;The proper distance between the nut and crank is about 1mm; Fix the screws when finishing the assemly of filling systrem; Connect the valve and filling syringe with the short tube; Inlet tube for liquid inlet nozzle,outlet tube for outlet nozzle.Be care of

the tangle of tubes during use of machine.

7.Poke the crank then the crank can turn freely;Otherwise the assemly will be in a wrong station.Please check if the syringe filling system is connected with the rolling bearing;

pharmaceutical filling small quantity (1).jpg

pharmaceutical filling small quantity (2).jpg


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