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North America
Canadian customer orders tray sealing machine semi automatic tabletop manual boxes sealer
Date: 2017-03-04 10:30:20    Published by: PENGLAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION

Our customer from Canadian ordered one(1*)set of model YX-TS260 TRAY SEALING machine for the tray closing process. For the tray sealing machine it is neccessory to get the actual samples from our customer,

otherwise it will become very difficult to customize our current sealing machine.To manufacture the machine is very easy but you must consider that the perfect machine is the one that optimizedly matches the samples

from customer. We wait for a long time but only got the drawing of trays and we had to produce the trays samples which were to presented to customers for the final confirmation. All the service is free of charge because

we just want to manufacture the perfect machine for the sake of long-term cooperation.

Finally all is confirmed and we finished manufacturing of machinery sealing which won a high opinion from our buyers.

As below there is the basic information for the sucessful business cooperation:

Drawing of tray pictures 


Bank slip for manual tray sealing machine&50kg film

tray sealing in wooden case.jpg


Testing video of tray sealing equipment model YX-TS260

Wooden case packing for manual tray sealing machine

tray sealing in wooden case.jpg

As below there listed basic description of tabletop type tray sealing equipment

Our Top Sealer manual machines are most suited  hotels, restaurants and take away joints to pack cooked food products in tray and/or cups and can be used in the same machine.

Our manual machine does profile cutting; they cut all sides around the trays or the cups.

The table top manual machine are compact, easy to maintain, easy to use, low power consumption but deliver perfect sealing with roll fed laminated film.
These machines for ready meals are highly acclaimed and popular among the clients owing to the following attributes:

tray sealer.jpg
► Full SS construction
► Simple & compact design for easy and trouble-free installation and operation
► Designed for continuous use after initial pre-heating of approximately 3-4 minutes
► Accurate sealing mould temperature control using PID controller with digital display
► Usable with various containers made of heat sealable materials with flexible films having heat sealable laminate compatible to the material of the container.

Basic parameter of YX-TS260 manual tray sealing machine:

drawing of sealer.jpg

Model Name YX-TS260
Production Capacity 350 trays/hour
Power 1.2 Kw
Temperature 0-220 °c
Voltage 220V/110V 50Hz
Max sealing area 260X230mm
Dimension 450mmX620mmX550mm
Weight 22 kg

Tray sealing samples&wooden case packing :

Manual tray box sealer machine fast food container sealing e


printed film sealing samples.jpg

packing for tray sealing machinery.jpg

Machine operated by customer in USA