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North America
Packaging machinery automatic bag form fill and seal equipment Vertical FFS packaging machines liquid cream lotion cosmetic food pharma industry
Date: 2015-05-30 09:26:23    Published by: PENGLAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION

Packaging machines form fill seal equipment VFFS packaging overwrapping packing semi automatic

or fully automatic for bottles containers or various products are the main machines in the production line

from PENGLAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION LIMTED ,Which has been already sold to many countries in the world

below are the basic videos for the trial run of the machines for our customers ,classified by continents:


1.Packaging automatic or semi automatic machines VFFS packing equipments sold to American countries like USA/CANADA/BOLIVIA/PARAGUAY ETC


For USA customers:liquid water bags filling sealing packing machine liquid packaging máquinas envasadoras de líquidos


For Bolivia customers :Horizontal packaging machinery VFFS granules packing machinery Máquina de embalajes para dulces


For Canada customers:1KG flour Vertical FFS bag packing machine automatic with auger filler granule filling packaging



2.Packaging automatic or semi automatic machines VFFS packing equipments sold to EU countries like AUSTRIA /SPAIN/SLOVENIA/GERMANY  ETC


For Spain customers:L type sealing machinery shrink tunnel feeding conveyor belt rétrécir machine à emballer


For Slovenia customers:vertical powder packing machine FFS packaging polvo de la máquina embalaje


For AUSTRIA CUSTOMERS:Rice Bean Peanut fully automatic Vertical Filling Packing Machine With Multihead Weigher



3.Packaging automatic or semi automatic machines VFFS packing equipments sold to Asian countries like Malaysia /Saudi Arabia/Pakistan/Turkey  ETC


For Malaysian customers:Stainless steel automatic screw packing machinery with five vibrating plates 5頭螺絲包裝機


For Saudi Arabian customers:liquid cream lotion sauce bags filling sealing machine VFFS packaging machinery آلة التعبئة السائل 


For Turkey customers:semi automatic cellophane film packing machinery Manual cello wrap packaging equipment



4.Packaging automatic or semi automatic machines VFFS packing equipments sold to Africa countries like Kenya /Algeria/Ghana/south Africa ETC


For Ghana customers:Volumetric cups measuring filling packaging machine bags salt coffee powder granules packing equip


For Algerian customers:Multi Head combination filler Weigher Granule Packing Machine snack Vertical FFS packaging equipment


For Kenya customers:single chamber vacuum packing machine for food&meat Vakuum-Verpackungsmaschine fuer Lebensmitteln



5.Packaging automatic or semi automatic machines VFFS packing equipments sold to Oceania countries like Fiji /Austria/New Zealand/Papua Newguinea  ETC


For Australia customers:bread packing machine Horizontal food packaging for snack Verpackungsmaschine fuer Lebensmittel


Workshop for manufacturing various models of packaging machinery used in cosmetic&food&pharmaceutical industry

workshop of Packaging machinery automatic  form fill seal eq