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South-Eastern Asia
Vietnamese customer orders auto intelligent Jewelry Tools Casting Machine vacuum injector molding making equipment
Date: 2015-05-08 17:35:45    Published by: PENGLAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION

our customer mr Tan from Tp Cao LÃnh in Vietnam ordered one(1*)set of vacuum wax injector.
within one week after we confirmed the receiving of customer's fully payment we finished the manfuacturing
of vacuum injection equipment .after watching the  operation video for machines and trial run in our factory our customer
sout-eastern asia customer is rather satisfied at our molding equipments.
Consequently our customer let the chinese agent take charge of the shipping who contacts us via QQ software. we soon delivered the goods to our customer's assigned  warehouse after the agent presented us the warehouse information.

As below there is the basic information for this sucessful international transaction:

customer transfer the full payment via BOC in china Guangxi Province

bank transfer for YX-WI01 vacuum wax injection molding machi

Customers requires the marks to be posted on the surface of wooden crate:

wooden case packaging for YX-WI01 vacuum wax injection moldi

Machines of how to operate in our factory

After receiving machines&instruction manual our south asia customer still cannot wire the machine here we take the video for solution:

Protective film wrapping around vacuum injection equipment jewelry tools

shrink film of YX-WI01 vacuum wax injection molding machine.j

Here as below there is the basic description of model YX-WI01 vacuum wax injection equipment

This device is the first of its kind wax injector that has a digital and proportional pressure controller which is built-in.

The parameters can all be set, checked and programmed easily using the wide LCD screen that has been designed for convenience.

Bulky pieces can be produced without any shrinkage and fine filigree pieces without flashes by the proportional wax injection inside the mould.

The device is concisely designed to be operated on top of a table. Intricate moulds can be done with fine filigree, posts and claws.

Complete filling is made possible by the evacuation of air. This aids in production of waxes that are consistent - fine or massive.

Hence products with even the most complex patterns are rejected less. faster and simpler cleaning is made possible with the advent of the new design of wax and vacuum chambers.

The machine also operates silently and with accurate control of wax chamber and nozzle.

Features of Digital Vacuum Wax Injector YX-WI01

front view of YX-WI01 vacuum wax injection molding machine.j

►Good filling. Vacuuming of the mold before injection ensures good filling for fine filigree and difficult designs. (do not use molds with air-releases, the vacuum will in air from outside).

►Accurate temperature control. Wax tank temperature and nozzle temperature are individually controlled so that accurate injection temperature is obtained.

►This model has a 99-hour "Heater-ON timer" so you can start injection work at a specific time. It will improve electricity cost and will increase efficiency.

Basic parameter of model YX-WI01 vacuum injection equipment:

back view of YX-WI01 vacuum wax injection molding

Model YX-WI01
Power supply : AC 220v 50HZ/60Hz Single phase
Power consumption: 400W
Wax capacity : about 3kg
Temperature Precision: ±0.2
Air pressure supply: 4-7kg/cm
Pressure range: 0-2kg/cm
Temperature display range: 40-90C
Temperature adjusting ranges: 40-90C
Setting time range for vacuum: 0-24.9seconds
Timer ranges: 0-99.9hours
Mould sizes: 10CM*9CM*4.5CM
N.W 150kg,G.W 200kg

The videos as below show how to connect wire&operate the machine after you get the machine from our factory:

Right way to place the chips

right way to place the chips for YX-WI01 vacuum wax injectio

When the conveyor belt is in action, the rubber mould should be placed at least from the 3rd grid.

Only when it moves to the 2rd grid, the sensor chip could be read.

When the conveyor belt is in action, do not place the rubber mould directly at the 2nd grid, or it could not be sensed.

When the conveyor belt stops, the testing rubber mould should be placed at the 2nd grid. After all parameters are set, press TEST RUNNING to start rubber mould recalibration.

The 1st gird is for preparation casting, which is about to enter into casting. During continuous production, please do not remove the rubber mould, or error warning will come up.


If the chip is placed downwards, it is the right positioning, the mould could be sensed.

If the chip is placed upwards, it is the wrong positioning, the mould could not be sensed.

notices for placing chips for YX-WI01 vacuum wax injection m

The relation between Correct mould positioning and sensing area

The red area is the chip sensing area, while the blue dot means the chip is the at right bottom of the rubber mould

The blue area chip should be downwards and be flat and against the conveyor belt.

The relation between wrong mould positioning and sensing area

The blue dot chip is away from the sensing area, so the chip parameters could not be read.

The blue dot chip is upwards and far away from the conveyor belt, which could not be read.

How to Adjust the air pressure for jewelry tools:

wax tank of YX-WI01 vacuum wax injection molding machine.jpg

Turn the air pressure regulator knob to change air pressure.

1)  First,pull the knob

2)  Sencond rotate it around its own axis.

3)  After seting,push the knob back so that the knob should be loked and the set value should be maintainde during operation.

air connection demonstration for YX-WI01 vacuum wax injectio

Other details of model YX-WI01 new type vacuum injection equipment jewelry tools:

sample products by YX-WI01 vacuum wax injection molding mach

up-close details of YX-WI01 vacuum wax injection molding mac

full view of YX-WI01 vacuum wax injection molding

Wooden case packing for model YX-WI01 vacuum injection machine

packing of YX-WI01 vacuum wax injection molding machine.jpg

packed YX-WI01 vacuum wax injection molding machine.jpg

After-sales service for jewelry tools vacuum injection molding equipment:

after-sales services for YX-WI01 vacuum wax injection moldin

Guarantee: for all the machine, it claims one year for guarantee.(Excluded from the warranty are problems due to accidents, misuse , misapplication, storage damage, negligence, or modification to the Equipment or its components. ALSO THE EASY BROKEN SPARE PART IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE GUARANTEE)

Installation: after the machine arrive your factory,if you need,our technician will go to your place to install and test the machine and also training your worker to operating the machine (The time of train depend on you worker). The expenses (air ticket ,food , hotel,the travelling fee on your country) should be on your account and you need paid for the technician USD50 per day. also you can go to our factory to do training.

After service: If you get the problem on the machine ,our technician will go to your place to fixed the machine as soon as possible. The cost should be in your account.(as above).