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USA friend buys YX-006 plastic tubes ultrasonic sealing machine semi automatic sealer with PLC touch controlling system
Date: 2015-05-07 17:05:02    Published by: PENGLAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION

Our  friendly old customer  Mr Ruben from  North Hollywood recently placed another order  for the tubes seal ing machine  model YX-006 for his tubes with six different sizes from 19mm to 49mm in diameter .

Soon after getting the payment via  Paypal we finally spent two days finishing the manufacturing of machines .

Because we have the machines in our stock so we can send the machine to our customers in 5days after we confirmed the payment from our LA customer who paid via Paypal

Below there is listed for the Basic information for the international business Transaction:

PO purchase order for ultrasonic tubes sealing machine model YX-006

purchase order of YX-006 ultrasonic sealer.jpg

Tubes samples sent from Mr Ruben for testing of ultrasonic sealing machine:

plastic tube samples for YX-006 ultrasonic sealer.jpg

Testing run of model YX-006 ultrasound wielding sealing machine semi automatic:

Plywooden case packing for model YX-006 utlrasonic tubes sealing machines

wooden crate packaging for YX-006 ultrasonic sealer.jpg

As below there listed the basic information for model YX-006 Ultrasound tubes sealing machines

front view of YX-006 ultrasonic sealer.jpg

This machine was used high-quality imported and domestic parts, Designed and made by professional engineers
and technicians with advanced technology. This machine has simple operation, low failure rate, etc.
Pls read this manual carefully before using this machine. Any question, please contact our company, we will
provide technical support and guidance immediately.

top view of YX-006 ultrasonic sealer.jpg
Our company has the right to modify the equipment appearance and technical parameters, and without special
noticefication. The datas and pictures will be different with real machine.
Ⅰ Machine function and application
1. Use ultrasonic to weld plastic soft tube tail. Do not need any adhesive or filler or solvent when welding,
do not consume large amounts of heat, and easy to operate, high welding speed, high efficiency.
2. This machine is widely used in toothpaste, cosmetic, medical product, food and industrial tubes etc.
Ⅱ Main parameters of model YX-006 ultrasound tubes sealing machinery

up-close photo of YX-006 ultrasonic sealer.jpg
Model YX-006
Power supply AC220V/50Hz
Power 1500W
Frequency 20Khz
Tube length 50-250mm
Tube diameter 10-50 mm
Net weight 98KGS
Machine size 850×600×650mm
Ⅲ Machine layout

structure of YX-006 ultrasonic sealer.jpg
(Remark: Pls checking the Front mould Screw if with strong lock, as Afraid when the transportation and screw is loose)

ⅣPLC controlling system for ultrasonic tubes sealing machinery model YX-006

touch screen interface of YX-006 ultrasonic sealer.jpg

touch screens of YX-006 ultrasonic sealer.jpg

 1. Press to English to next page , and press Auto to manual
On the manual
Motor start : this is for control the Tube holder running
Feeding cylinder start: this is for control the Tube holder feeding
Ultrasonic cylinder start: this is for control the up mould and down mould working.
Trimming cylinder start: this is for control the cutter
Ultrasonic start: This is for control the frequency, this is same as the “18. OSC check”
Tube Orientation on : this is for control the Sense off/on
Time setting: This is for Adjusting the Delay time/ Welding time/Holding time
Delay time : 0.80
Welding time: Tube Dia 20,the time will about: 0.20,

detailed view of YX-006 ultrasonic sealer.jpg

Tube dia 30,the time will about 0.40

Tube dia 40, the time will about 0.50
Tube dia 50, the time will about 0.7
Holding time: 0.35
Ⅴ Operation process

1. Connect power and compressed air correctly (suggest 0.5MPa).
2. Press the Power switch
3. Press ‘OSC check’ button and set ‘Tune button’ at the same time, Pls using the screw on the Tune button,
you can turn to Left or Right, while find the minimum of ‘Signal light’ (it will about low than 1A)
fixed ‘Frequency adjustment’. (do not press ‘OSC check’ continuously, press it intermittently)
4. Put tube on the holder.
5. Press ‘Ultrasonic cylinder start’, front mould and back mould will be closed. set ‘Moulds gap
adjustment’, let two moulds just touch and no gap. Press ‘Cutter controller’ and confirm the cutter will
work smoothly.(need to put the plastic tube on the tube holder when you adjusting)
6. Set front mould and back mould and cutter at original position.
7. Put tube on the ‘Holder’ and press ‘Feeding cylinder start’, the tube will run between two moulds.
Adjust the height of holder if necessary. (suggest tube is higher than back mould 2 to 3 mm)

8. Make tube back to original position.
9. Set to auto status, turn on sensor if tube has color code otherwise turn off it.
10. Press ‘Auto’ the machine will work automatically.
Remark: Pls also read the machine install video for reference !!!!

Ⅵ Failure and remedy

YX-006 ultrasonic sealer at workshop.jpg

Cause Remedy

Machine doesn’t work

or work abnormal

No power or compressed air Connect power and compressed air
Low compressed air pressure Enhance air pressure
Plastic overflow or not good after welding Two moulds too closed or too parted Adjust the gap between two moulds
rough edge aftercutting Cutter blunt Sharpen cutter or replace sharp one
Cutter has large gap between
back mould
Make cutter touch back mould

model YX-006 high technology tubes wielding cutting sealing machine semi automatic