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Western Asia
UAE buyer purchased YX-1035 semi automatic bench top vial crimping machine pharma packing machine crimper equipment
Date: 2015-05-07 19:07:08    Published by: PENGLAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION

Mr Kamran from  khalifa hospital Abu dhabi UAE ordered one (1*)set of vials crimping machine model YX-1035 after traditional chinese  new year .Within one week we soon manufactured
the vials crimping machines model YX-1035 for our UAE customer .
Soon after getting confirmation from our midest   customer on our vials crimper equipment we delivered the goods via Aramex to him.Now  our customer has already got the machine and all goes smooth on the crimper equipment.

There as below listed for the information of this international transaction:

Via WhatsApp (our WhatsApp account is 0086-15811882441) customer send us the machine for what they want

YX-1035 bench top manual vial crmping machine.jpg

Samples measured by Kamran for customized vials crimping machine

sample vial diameter for YX-1035 bench top manual vial crmpin

Buyers mideast paid the amount via Western Union

western union payment of YX-1035 bench top manual vial crmpi

Videos of testing run of semi automatic vials packing machines

Packaging of vial crimping machine for shipping

packaging for YX-1035 bench top manual vial crmping machine.

As below there is the basic information of model YX-1035 VIALS crimping machine semi automatic:

This machine is mainly used in a variety of glass bottles, aluminum combination lid, aluminum lid, 

easy-open lid seal, not suitable for screw cap cover. Semi-automatic sealing machine,

applicable to the sealing of the oral liquid bottles, vials, penicillin bottles, antibiotic bottles, 

glass bottles.

1ml-50ml bayonet glass bottles, not suitable for spiral mouth glass bottles. 

The whole novelty, beautiful, machine design is reasonable, lightweight. 

Table and protective cover are 

stainless steel manufacturing, wheel strength, wear resistance, long life, 

good sealing the bottles rolled aluminum cover.

Is the most ideal for small batch production of major hospitals, pharmaceutical companies,

research and capping equipment. 

full view of YX-1035 bench top manual vial crmping machine.j


Application of manual crimping machine for oral liquid vials ampoule bottles with aluminum caps Model YX-1035

measurement of YX-1035 bench top manual vial crmping machine

1. a bottle of good irrigation liquid and fitted lid into the next tray, 

leaning against the V-shaped branch block, 

hand held onto the bottle with one hand and the handle toward the down taut, 

then tray care bottle lift, until the cap and rolled hijab pressed. 

2, when the cap and rolled hijab pressed, the three capping of

 the spinning heads rotate a few laps, the cap rolled tight.

(Note) The motor must be clockwise operation. 

3, the handle forward and push the rolling good cover lid with the tray back into place,

the whole operation process is complete after each rolling a cap, repeat the above operation 

working process of YX-1035 bench top manual vial crmping mac


Basic parameter of model YX-1035 small bottles oral liquid vials crimping machine

YX-1035 bench top manual oral liquid crmping machine.jpg

crimping head of YX-1035 bench top manual vial crmping machi

Model YX-1035





Sealing diameter



20 bottles/min

Apply bottles heigh




Net weight



Stainless steel

Bottles capacity


Other details of model YX-1035 crimping machine ampoule bottles crimping:

side view of  YX-1035 bench top manual vial crmping machine.

up-close photo of YX-1035 bench top semi automatic  vial crm

YX-1035 bench top manual vial crmping machine at

Crimping samples for vials oral solution glass bottles with aluminum caps

crimped bottles before and after by YX-1035 bench top manual

Film wrapping before case packaging for manual crimping machine model YX-1035

shrinkable film packing of YX-1035 bench top manual vial crm

The machine of vials crimping machine in video sold to our USA customer: